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Introducing National Elites Foundation

National Elites Foundation was formed in 2006 in accordance with the emphasis of Supreme Leader in the proper use of the scientific capacities of the elites and in line with the development of the country and the need for a revolutionary movement on the path to eliminating the barriers and problems of producing knowledge and software movement.

The ultimate goal of the National Elites Foundation includes planning and policy-making to identify, direct, economical and spiritual support of elites (in two categories of superior and elite talents); attracting, preserving, applying and supporting them in order to promote the production of science, technology, art, literature and culture, and the scientific and balanced development of the country. And finally achieving the highest scientific, technological and economic status in the region based on the country's vision document.

In this regard, the support of the foundation has been presented in a diverse way by addressing all elite communities in different fields including support for university students and graduates, faculty members, inventors, innovators and art, literary, Quranic and Hawzeh chosen people.

Paying attention to and planning cultural affairs is one of the other missions of the National Elites Foundation. The main activities of this section are:

Educational-training programs such as the establishment of empowerment workshops and apprenticeships with the aim of developing an entrepreneurial environment and elite’s employment.

Holding elites meetings led by the annual meeting of the elites with the Supreme Leader.

The implementation the project of a scientific friend in different fields with a more demanding academic presence and with the aim of providing the necessary training to students in different regions of the country, especially in deprived areas.

Performing specialized and cultural visits by the field and interest of the elite community (superior and elite talents)

Conducting Commemoration of Iranian Excellences Officers in Different Areas and Setting up Jihad Camps to Inject Elite Thinking into Required Departments with Deprivation Approach

Also, the grant of R & D funds (Grant Research of Young Associate Professors) and Recruiting Faculties in Scientific Institutions (Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani Award)

Performing such programs as Shahid Tehrani Moghadam and Shahid Ahmadi Roshan's plan and designing and implementing the Allameh Tabataba'i Award and the Shahab National Program (Identifying and directing the top-talented students)

These actions are carried out with the approach of using available capacities and interacting with relevant organizations and institutions and the foundations of provincial elites also work in all provinces of the country with the goal of implementing the goals and approved programs under the supervision of the National Elites Foundation.

The implementation of the country's strategic document on elite matters is another important task of the National Elites Foundation. The document describes the tasks of all elements of the elite system of elites and talented individuals, which was drafted on the order of the Supreme Leader and was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

The document, while defining the elite, possesses superior talent, elite activity, elite system, and an elite community, includes 70 national acts, that each of these acts has been developed in response to the challenge in the elite and talented area. The National Elites Foundation, based on this document, is responsible for creating specific mechanisms for implementation, extracting documentary responsibilities, developing executive policies and indicators, and communicating them to relevant organizations, as well as monitoring the good execution of the document on the devices.

Also, due to the importance of the issue of non-residing specialists and researchers, the Office of International Affairs at the Foundation has attracted and cooperated with non-residing Iranian specialists, which is active with the provision of special facilities in this section.

It should be noted that the Board of Governors is the highest authority of the Foundation in the field of policy and decision-making, and has all the legal authority over the purposes and tasks of the Foundation and its administration. The chairman of the delegation is the president of Iran and chairman of the foundation (vice president) is the highest executive of the foundation.

The Foundation has an independent legal personality and is governed by the President and governed exclusively by the Constitution of the National Elites Foundation.




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