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By the Support of Pardis Technology Park;
The first medication for treatment of migraine in the world is introduced

The first medication for treatment of migraine in the world is introduced

According to the information center of national elites foundation,the industrial production of the national spray medication for treatment of migraine with the brand name of “Migraine Cut” is officially announced in the world with the support of the Pardis technology park.

In this ceremony, Reza Ramezani, CEO of the MimDarou Knowledge-based Company, expressed: 67.11% of people of Iran have migraine, which is almost nine and a half of the population of Iran. The rate of disease in the world is 12% and about 800 million people.

CEO of the company that produces this medication affirmed: to date, 200 thousand of this drug has been produced and distributed in 130 drug store in less than a month. Currently, the pharmacies of Tehran, Isfahan, Rasht and Qom have this medication, and we hope that all provinces of the country have this medication until the next six months.

What Is Migraine Cut?

Migraine Cut is a medication produced after 25 years of Iranian and international studies and contains an integrated essence of medicinal herbs based on traditional medicine resources. This medication is in the form of nose spray. Since the majority of patients with migraine experience gastric problems, especially nausea and vomiting, this medication is the best option to use in acute phase (migraine attack) of the disease. During the clinical trial stage, this medication was tested on more than three thousand patients, 96% of whom reported significant changes in the treatment process. In addition, about 81% of patients with migraine who used the migraine cut reported stopped headache.

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