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Will Be Performed by Pardis Technology Park:
Holding an idea-making event for more creative exhibitions

Holding an idea-making event for more creative exhibitions

Pardis technology park has aimed to hold an event with the title of “Innovative Innovation” to make international exhibition of innovation and technology more innovative.

According to the information center of national elites foundation,  the event of “innovative innovation” will be held to make ideas for INOTEX2018 exhibition along with holding educational courses and providing licenses at the end of the courses. In addition, gamification, idea-making and fast and effective presentation workshops will be held.

This event will cover the holding of a creative exhibition for participants, both in the form of teams and individuals, along with purposeful education for idea-making for the event. It is aimed to change the permanent boarders of exhibitions. This event will be held on two main topics, including design of services and service-oriented design. Participants can obtain ideas on creative ads, services, and environmental design of exhibitions. It should be noted that registration for the event is practically free of charge since the costs received for participation will be completely returned to the participants.

This event will be held for five days; on first, third, fourth and fifth days, the event will be held in Pardis technology parks, recognized as the heaven of technology of the region. The second day, which is a type of group visit, will be held in Tehran. After presenting ideas, three top ideas (teams or individuals) will receive cash and non-cash prizes.

Enthusiasts of this field can register for the event until April 24th 2018. The event will be held April 26th and 27th and May 2nd-3rd- and 4th, 2018 in Pardis technology park.

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