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Announced in an Interview with Heads of Provincial Elites Foundations:
Specialized workgroups; linking circle of elite thinking to society problems

Specialized workgroups; linking circle of elite thinking to society problems

Establishment of specialized workgroups according to domestic benefits, social situations and current challenges of provinces was one of the work priorities of provincial elites foundations in the previous year.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, one of the important activities of provincial elites foundations in the last year was creation and establishment of specialized workgroups according to domestic benefits, social situations and current challenges of provinces.

This measure, which was taken to turn domestic abilities into competitive advantages, has been prioritized by provincial elites foundations and play a determining role in domestic development, economic stability and formation of occupation and remaining of elites in the circle of providing services to the society.

In this regard, you can read the opinions of some of the heads of provincial elites foundations in the next section:

Specialized workgroup, a Way to Develop the Ecosystem of Technology

Rahmat Sadeghi, president of the elites foundation Kurdistan Province, regarded the creation of foundation for establishment of synergic interaction among specialized society with the active private sector and relevant executive organizations as one of the results of activities of specialized workgroups, stating: establishment of suitable workgroups can be associated with turning of relative and potential advantages into economic priorities.

He added: formation of specialized workgroups will have positive effects on the economy of provinces and significant impacts on promotion of knowledge-based discourse and establishment of technology ecosystem. However, this requires the cooperation of all organizations and units with these workgroups.

Specialized Workgroup; the Foundation for Elimination of Challenges in Provinces

Seyed Saeed Reza Ahmadizadeh, head of elites foundation of South Khorasan, also considered the expansion of interaction in various government levels with elite thinking centers as one of the achievements of specialized workgroups.

He affirmed: the national elites foundation has put the cooperation of executive organizations with active presence of elites in the futuristic process, decision making and planning, formation of specialized workgroups and think rooms in the presence of elites, faculty members of universities of province and representatives of executive organizations on its agenda with regard to the strategic document of the country in terms of development of interaction of various government levels with elite thinking centers to increase their participation in pathological affairs.

President of the elites foundation of South Khorasan pointed out the importance of injection of new technologies and creation of a technological view in the industry of the country, emphasizing the necessity of introduction of new technologies to various areas. In this regard, he expressed: this workgroup is established in the presence of elites, experts, industrialists and managers of the province, so that new and effective technologies could be created in various areas to develop the value creation chain.

Specialized Workgroup Has an Important Role in Prevention of Possible Damages

Mojtaba Boniadian, head of elites foundation of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, regarded pathology, recognition, prevention and treatment of possible damages in various sections as the responsibilities of specialized workgroups and emphasized the necessity of formation and important role of these workgroups in solving domestic problems of the province. In this respect, he pointed out: it is aimed in these workgroups to provide solutions to eliminate intraorganizational challenges and necessary foundation for the implementation in the gathering of a group of elites and science and experience owners.

Workgroup Lays the Foundation for Creation of Relationship between Elites and Various Sections of Society

In addition, Mohammad Mohammad Rezaei, president of the elites foundation of Qom, regarded the use of communication and thinking of elites as the most important goal of specialized workgroups, stating: creation of the foundation for close relationship between elites with specialized topics in the province and use of the perspectives of elites in solving the problems of provinces are among the measures taken by specialized workgroups.

He expressed that think rooms play a role in specialized issues related to the development of province and creation of coordination among provincial units to implement the decisions made by the workgroup.

Workgroup Is the Circle that Connects Specialty to Problems

Mohsen Jahanshahi, president of the elites foundation of Mazandaran, pointed out the process and necessity of formation of workgroups, regarding the establishment of workgroups necessary for solving problems. In this regard, he continued: workgroup is a circle that connects problems to relevant organizations through elites and their interaction.

He considered the development of cooperation among cultural units, specifically the IRIB, as an important step toward the greater effectiveness of specialized workgroups.

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