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Exhibition of INOTEX2018 will host the innovation ecosystem of the country
Exhibition of INOTEX2018 will host the innovation ecosystem of the country

Exhibition of INOTEX2018 will host the innovation ecosystem of the country

According to the information center of national elites foundation,  the seventh round of the international exhibition of innovation and technology (INOTEX2018), the largest specialized exhibition in the area of innovation and technology, will be held at the location of specialized exhibitions of the municipality of Tehran (Conversation Boostan) during July 5th-7th, 2018.

As the custodian of this event, Pardis technology park will host more than 350 teams and various components of the ecosystem of innovation, such as startups, and technological and knowledge-based companies with the cooperation of activists of the private sector.

On May 13th 2018, a press conference was held for participants of the event and the poster of the exhibition was unveiled and some explanations were provided on the implementation process of the event.

“Smart City”, Main Topic of INOTEX2018

Akbar Ghanbarpour, secretary of the 7th round of INOTEX, which is designed this year based on the activities of startups and their inviting for being actively present in the event, stated: INOTEX is one of the largest specialized exhibitions of Iran, where more than one thousand individuals will participate in the form of business and has more than two thousand visitors every day.

Secretary of the 7th round of INOTEX talked about some of the events of the exhibition, affirming: the INOTEX2018 will host commercial delegations from countries that have lower level of technologies, compared to Iran, in order to provide the opportunity for export of technology to these countries. In addition, the fourth meeting on networking of innovation will be held in the presence of 20 Iranian and foreign experts during the first and second days of the exhibition with the title of “smart city”.

Complementary Technological Events of INOTEX

Seyed Ali Hazaveh, manager of the innovation accelerator, pointed out one of the important programs of the event, which is designed to create interactions among academics, affirming: the innovative event of innovation is an especial challenge for INOTEX2018, which was initiated on April 26th 2018. In addition, a competition has been designed for academics to create ideas and answer the question of how the innovation exhibition can be innovative.

He pointed out the startup competition of INOYTEX Pitch, asserting: this event will be started from June 15th 2018 in four cities and its semi-final and final stages will be held in the exhibition. In the end, rewards will be given to the top startups. This competition is an appropriate opportunity for investors to find investment opportunities.

Holding the Most Important Startup Event Superbly

Reza Ghiabi, member of the thinking room of INOTEX, pointed out the presence of all activists in the startup section of Iran and increasing the synergy between these people to create joint opportunities, stating: in this year’s exhibition, a separate section is considered for those who provide infrastructures, such as operators, intellectual property center, center for the development of electronic business, Fara Bourse of Iran, FATA and all legislative and subordinate institutions to interact with startups. It is aimed to use this opportunity to growth this type of businesses.

The international exhibition of innovation and technology has hosted more than 750 technological companies from 25 countries during the past six rounds. Concluding more than 130 cooperation agreements is one of the achievements of this event. 

Registration for booth holders of the exhibition has started since May 13th 2018 and will continue to May 26th 2018. For more information, please refer to the official website of the event with the address of

The seventh international exhibition of innovation and technology (INOTEX2018), which is the largest specialized exhibition in the area of technology and innovation in Iran, will be held July 5th-7th, 2018 at the location of specialized exhibitions of municipality of Tehran with the cooperation of Pardis technology park.

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