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Announcement of the Secretariat of the State Information Council in Reaction to some Positioning Regarding BARJAM
Announcement of the Secretariat of the State Information Council in Reaction to some Positioning Regarding BARJAM

Announcement of the Secretariat of the State Information Council in Reaction to some Positioning Regarding BARJAM

The state information base has published an announcement due to some positioning regarding BARJAM.

According to the information center of national elites foundation,  secretariat of the state information council published an announcement about the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran toward BARJAM, which is presented below:

“In the Name of God

And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart - about all those [one] will be questioned.

These days, some groups and esteemed figures of the community comment on and make statements about the US withdrawal from the joint comprehensive plan of action. The secretariat of the state information council aimed to bring some important notes to the attention of the noble people of Iran for public enlightenment:

1- Since the beginning, the Islamic Republic of Iran has committed to fulfill the wishes of the people by constructive interactions with the world by tireless effort to rid the country of cruel sanctions and canceling the dangerous resolutions of UN Security Council. In this path, the government has adhered to three principles of dignity, wisdom and goodness. In addition, the negotiating team dedicated extensive efforts to gaining the most benefits and giving the lowest level of privileges.

2- The main and declared strategy of the government has been to provide national interests during the long negotiations with six countries and the European Union. In this path, none of the rights, capabilities and strategic capacities of the country has been negotiated or traded. In fact, the government has taken the false pretexts for accusing Iran of from the hands of ill-wishers and has stabilized the indisputable rights of the Iranian people for the progress of the country and presence in the world economy.

3- From the viewpoint of the political figures of the world, BARJAM is an unprecedented achievement in the field of diplomacy and regional and international peace and security. Break of global conspiracy against Iran, exposure of Zionist scandal, lift of international sanctions, and recognition of the peaceful nuclear program of the country are among the achievements of BARJAM.

4- The US government, which always gathered international assemblies in its own support and put other countries against Iran by forcing them to apply sanctions against Iran, is now left alone with the Zionists and witnesses the global support of the rational and dignified stance of Iran.

5- The current president of America claims that he has suffered a great loss during this deal and says that Iran has imposed the worst deal on him. He considers withdrawal from BARJAM as a response to humiliation of America by Iran. In such a situation where national unity is a necessity, a question is raised on the actual supporters of attack to the government of Iran and destruction of its achievements, which are associated with increased defense force and improving the regional position of Iran.   

6- Unfortunately, those who should apologize for their misplaced positions in the past, arrogantly attack our national achievements and do not answer the question on damages caused to Iran due to wrong sanctions and their actions for timely dealing with these damages. These people can never talk about their incompetency in providing alternative methods for BARJAM and sincerely apologize for their wrong approach and misconduct in the process of progress of the country. In an obvious contradiction, these people were concerned with the presence of America in BARJAM and its withdrawal from the deal at the same time. There is no paradox in responsible management of the country and there is a need for decisive decision and daring action.

7- While the government appreciates all benevolent recommendations and comments, we announce that all negotiation stages have been within the constitutional framework, as well as responsibilities and authorities of the president and approvals of the national security higher council. After this act by the president of USA, the necessary measures are in place and are being implemented to effectively deal with US provocative action and to secure Iranian profits.

8- In the current sensitive condition, the US government, which always has excessive demands, has threatened Iran one more time. It is expected that all figures and groups loyal to the Islamic revolution follow the orders of the supreme leader and dedicate efforts toward national unity. In addition, by supporting the positions of the government in the international stage, we can show that people of Iran will unitedly defend their rights and stand against covenant violators.

Secretariat of the State Information Council

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