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To Support Iranian Products;
Fashion diplomacy along with political diplomacy

During the travel of the vice president for science and technology affairs to Swiss, he used Iranian sunglasses in order to increase public awareness toward the use of domestically produced products.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari used the sunglasses of Sa Iran, produced by the ministry of defense, to increase public awareness toward the use of domestically produced products.

Without a doubt, such moves by the authorities is a positive and effective step toward the support and advertising of Iranian products and the best way to build the culture of using high-quality Iranian-made products, which is the responsibility of government authorities and has been initiated by Sattari.

Other good advertisements of Iranian products was wearing Iranian suits by the national soccer team of Iran.

Similar to other diplomacies, the fashion diplomacy plays a significant role in mainstreaming and creative idea making and producing political, social and cultural attitudes. This can have a more significant impact on the public awareness, compared to traditional media and newspapers.

However, the international counterparts, including the prime minister of Canada, have made the same move. He wore colorful and unmatched socks to attract the attention of the media and the cyberspace. It was made clear after that the weird socks belonged to a 21-year-old boy with Down syndrome and Justin Trudo advertised his work. In fact, the prime minister of Canada aimed for several goals by this act. He both supported the work of a patient and promoted the culture of philanthropy and attention to the business of the disabled. He also promoted the use of domestic and national products.

If each celebrity and government authority displayed the use of Iranian products only on the cyberspace, there would be a huge transformation in the culture of using domestic products.

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