Monday 18 March 2019



In the Presence of the Mayor and Council Members of the City/
The meeting of elite society of Shiraz will be held

The meeting of top talents of Fars province will be held in the presence of the mayor and council members of Shiraz.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, in line with the creation and increasing the synergy and interactions between organizations to support the elite society and use the projects and ideas of the elites in the required parts of the country, the meeting of top talents of Fars province will be held with the mayor and the council members of Shiraz by the efforts of the elites foundation of Fars province.


Expressing the concerns and recommendations in the area of urban management of Shiraz in various cultural, economic, social, architectural, environmental and transportation areas are among the most important events of the meeting.

It is notable that this meeting will be held July 19th 2018.

Enthusiasts of this area can register for the event until July 16th 2018 by referring to the website of elites foundation of Fars province.

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