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Message of the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs to the Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship in Iran:
We are fighters and we will not be defeated.

The vice president for science and technology affairs sent a message addressing the activists in the area of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation and emphasizing on the necessity of moving toward the realization of knowledge-based economy.

According to the information center of national elites foundation,, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs addressed the entrepreneurs, knowledge-based companies, startups and other activists of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation about the importance of resilience in the path of creativity, innovation, and formation of added value by relying on knowledge-based economy and historical and human resource abilities of the country. The text of this message is presented below:

Hello to the proud people of Iran, especially the entrepreneurial creative youth

War is wrong in any shape or form. Over the 6000 years of the history of Iran, we have witnessed thousands of wars. Nevertheless, Iran still exists in this part of the world as the most ancient country of the region. Greeks, Romans, Mongols, and even Saddam and others tried to take our country, but we are still standing. It has been about one hundred years that finding of oil in this region has led to a false culture that has challenged our thinking, educational, social and economic infrastructures. It has taken its toll on our society like a cancerous tumor. Oil-based economy has been integrated with our lives so much that living without it seems impossible. So, how is that Iran was always a leading country in the areas of science, technology, culture, and commerce? What kind of advanced economy in the world have succeeded by relying on underground resources? Oil has changed the concepts of our life and has turned our society into a resource-based community. In addition, it has reduced the human values. We thought we could buy anything, including science, knowledge, and technology. Even identity and human dignity can be bought in such societies. Oil-based culture has taught us that values, such as humanity, friendship, and entrepreneurship can be purchased.

A Generation that Fights with Oil-based Economy

Now this mistake has caused the loss of society. However, today, a new movement has initiated in the country and views are being changed. Young people have come, whose assets are not supplied by oil or government recruitment. The assets of these people are not in their pockets but in their heads. They do not require oil-based recommendations and loans to establish a business. In fact, they come from basements. They know how to change science into huge wealth for themselves and their countries and are becoming the largest companies of the country. The young entrepreneurial generation that has grown in the ecosystem of knowledge-based has shown that innovation is something that cannot be bought. This generation has been fighting with oil-based economy, that has taken all cultures, economies and rights of the society, for some time now and is rapidly growing in this battle. The oil-based business environment does not allow the activities of the youth. This environment is not created along. The culture of the society must be transformed so that entrepreneurship could find its value and position in the country based on science and knowledge. We need to understand that anything that relies on oil money is condemned to destruction, even if it is science, knowledge, and culture that is financially supported with oil money. What remains is science, research and culture coming from the heart of the society.

Why do you think the culture of Ashura is still alive? Since it comes from the heart of the society and has never come from a government system.

My Dear Countrymen!

Fight against the oil-based economy has found a new shape. In the oil economy, the concepts of idea, creativity and innovation are meaningless. Recruitment by the government destroys entrepreneurship and innovation and is the biggest betrayal to our children. The ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation has existed in our country for centuries but it has been nearly destroyed by oil-based economy. We are so addicted to oil money that living without it seems impossible. However, we have recruited great soldiers in this fight over the past four years. There are more than 3600 knowledge-based companies in the country with the sales rate of above 60 thousand billion IRT and there are thousands of startups established based on knowledge and innovation. As stated by Mr. Rouhani, our president, this integrated and unified team is better affecting the society along with the help of the government and the whole nation. We need to support our children and let them win with us in this fight through social support.

Coherent and United Alongside the Government

All of us has become united in production of a large amount of the income of the country only through creating added value. An income that only depends on intelligence, creativity and innovation. Nothing can stop our enthusiastic youth in knowledge-based companies. They only need trust from us. They create the public self-belief culture and will inject innovation and hope to the unmotivated society.

We Are Close to Winning

This fight will continue and we are experiencing losses every day. However, when all the turmoil is gone, we realize that we have improved. We are so close to winning


God bless you

Sorena Sattari

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