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Attaining a good score in the university entrance exam does not mean that the person is an elite

The president of the national elites foundation stated: according to the policies of the foundation, acquisition of a proper score in the university entrance exam or rewards of one of the scientific festivals and Olympiads does not mean that the person is an elite.

According to the information center of national elites foundation cited by the young journalists club, the youth are the assets of the country and their mind and ideas can be used to build the future of the country. A future that makes Iran shine in the world and change its oil-based economy. However, these young individuals need help to foster their talents.

The national elites foundation has been established to help these individuals and lay the proper foundation for their activities. The president of this foundation believes that money cannot help the youth foster their talents.

Sorena Sattari, the president of the national elites foundation, believes that the only factor that leads to the returning of non-resident Iranian youth to the country is providing a proper occupation environment. We had an interview with Dr. Sattari to learn about the activities of the foundation and the number of measures taken by this organization to support the youth.

Every year, four thousand individuals are covered by the national elites foundation

The national elites foundation has been established to help the youth of the country and make their movement purposeful. Today, how many individuals are members of the national elites foundation and how does this foundation interact with the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs?

The national elites foundation and the Vice-Presidency have good interactions with each other, which has facilitated their duties and many activities have been divided between the two organizations. Today, the foundation has the exact infrastructure designed by the Vice-Presidency. Every year, the foundation covers four thousand elites.

What is the exact elite capacity of the country?

Sattari: this is not an appropriate term. In our opinion, an elite is someone who can make a change in the country and is effective. According to the policies of the national elites foundation, acquiring a proper score in the university entrance exam or receiving a reward from one of the scientific festivals and Olympiads does not mean that the person is an elite.


We will become elites when we have entrepreneurial powers

However, after the national university entrance exam and announcement of its results, a message was sent to the top ranks by the foundation, calling them elites. What reason do you have for this?

They are not the members of the foundation but will receive an academic award. 

What does this reward mean?

When the foundation identifies a person, his value increases and he will have a high class when deciding to enter a university or company since he is introduced by the national elites foundation. The same is observed in the outside of the country and it is important who introduces you and gives you a letter of recommendation.

Therefore, the other person is justified to recruit you. We reward our youth and issue introduction letters to them but do not make them our members. If a person thinks that he is an elite only by achieving a good score in the university entrance exam and he demands an oil share, he will receive no response from us because this is not our policy. 

Whoever claims that he is an elite must have culture of being elite as well. We turn into elites when we are able to make changes in the country and provide jobs for some people.

Spiritual supports are more important than financial supports

How are the supports and do they only include financial grants and awards?

The young elites are not just financially supported. Our main goal is creating an environment that can foster the talents of these individuals. Among the four thousand individuals covered by the foundation every year, there are some young elites who receive rewards from the foundation. Some supports are spiritually provided for the young elites so that they could flourish their talents. These supports are in the form of proper business environment.

Creation of Appropriate Infrastructures for Effectiveness of the Young Elites in the Country

One of your programs is support of the youth, who studied in foreign universities and returned to the country. Can you explain about this program?

We have had proper interactions with Iranian youth outside the country, and the majority of these interactions have been made with Iranian graduates from the 100 top universities of the world. After returning to the country, these individuals initiate work in knowledge-based companies and universities. the national elites foundation has provided an infrastructure for identifying and returning elites to the country and helping them finding their way to positively affect the society.

Students covered by the Shahab Project are over one million now

What other measures have been taken by the foundation in addition to returning the young elites to the country?

Another topic that is seriously followed up by the national elites foundation is interacting with the ministry of education. The Shahab Project has been established with the cooperation of us and the education ministry to recognize the top talented students. This project has had a proper progress and this year, the number of students covered by this project has increased to more than one million. Generally, the responsibility of the national elites foundation is attracting, recognizing and providing facilities to the top elites so that they could achieve their goals and have a suitable effectiveness on the society.

The structure and culture of our country is wrong and must be changed

You pointed out the provision of proper business environment for the youth. Has this proper environment being established for their activities?

Most of the successful startups belong to the youth coming from foreign countries. I can introduce startups established by the first- and second-ranked students of the entrance exam or winners of the gold Olympiad medals. About a thousand elites have returned from 100 top universities and are teaching in our universities or working in startups. These individuals have incomes more than 600 thousand dollars outside the country. But, they have retuned and work in their hometown due to the provision of environment that can lead to more success of these people.

What kind of measures have been taken by the foundation to create this environment?

It is true that the foundation is responsible for creating a business environment. However, this work cannot be done alone. The whole structure and culture of our society has been formed based on oil culture. In such societies, people only think about the money of their counterpart and not his mind and brain. It is important what kind of car he owns and what is the occupation of his father. The culture of our society must be changed and directed toward using the youth and their creativity to change the structure and general culture of the society. In this regard, the foundation plays a significant role. If we think that we could keep the youth inside the country with money and properly affect the world, that is not right thinking since the culture of our society is oil-based economy. Dependence on money is wrong and must be changed.

The national elites foundation does not provide quota for any youth

Many high school and university students participate in various festivals (e.g., Farabi and Kharazmi) every year to earn a reward and be covered by the foundation. In what activities have you helped the elites?

Every year, the festival approved by the national elites foundation are confirmed in the board of trustees. However, it should be noted that approval of these festivals does not mean receiving financial supports from the foundation. In fact, festivals are scores that can be used by the youth to be rewarded by the foundation. It means that no one is covered.

I do not think that one of the concerns of the youth is being covered by the foundation since they are prominent individuals in the country. In the foundation, we seek those who can work independently and change the society. The policy of the foundation is to help the youth have the proper effectiveness in the community in an independent way. In contrast to other units and institutes, we do not aim to provide quota for others. The Kharazmi and Farabi festivals are covered by the foundation and the selected people in these events can benefit from the scientific awards of the foundation.

Are all sections of Kharazmi Festival covered by the Vice-Presidency?

No. The Young Kharazmi Festival is not directly related to the foundation and therefore its winners will not receive rewards from us. However, anyone who receives an award in this festival will gain a score at the time of receiving the academic award. In the past, we have seen how these selected individuals have been able to take a step in the elite’s path.

What factors causes students to remain in or leave the county?

Until the proper environment is not prepared and the creative youth is not supported, the talented individuals cannot implement their ideas and, therefore, seek an opportunity to present their ideas. Imagine that the foundation would give a specific amount of money to students every money and would ask them to stay in the country. Would they stay? Giving money to students is not enough to keep them here. We have to provide a proper work environment so that they could observe their effectiveness and be satisfied with their activities.

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