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The necessity of progress and development is knowledge

In a note written by Parviz Karami, advisor to the president of the national elites foundation, we read: it is no secret that today, knowledge is the most important, valuable, and cost-effective commodity that can transform the economic-political status of countries. Even one step further, knowledge is not just an asset to be used in economy, but it is also a level and type of “economy”

*Parviz Karami

The knowledge-based economy is prioritized these days and both the government and private sections have aimed to soon provide its necessary facilities and develop the scientific abilities. This economy is nothing but change in the fundamental method of modern man. In order to reach the point we are currently living, mankind has passed a tough path. Humans have taken steps toward improvement in order to understand the value of knowledge.

Today, we admire the efforts of our fathers in agricultural revolution. Civilization was born from this large evolution, and spiritual sayings and actions entered the human societies. The only achievement of agricultural revolution was not teaching a substitute to the mankind but it was the smallest achievement in this regard. Nevertheless, the same revolution has motivated human demands and increased the position of mankind among other living creatures. On the other hand, while the industrial revolution has been associated with some problems for humans, it has been able to provide an unbelievable welfare to our children. Under the support of the industrial revolution, humans have made advances in a way that they are thinking about conquering other planets. We have definitely problems such as polluted air, low water amounts, and extinction of animal species.

These phenomenon in addition to a hundred other mishaps have been the inevitable side effects of industrial evolution. Nevertheless, we cannot deny this revolution and turn our backs to it. More importantly, these leaps are a necessity and not a choice. The fact that after the medieval time, man immediately entered a new world, acquired the necessary knowledge to conquer nature, and defined a new and prosperous economy by extraction of new minerals is nothing but the result of the will and practice of several European scholars. Suddenly, activities of scholars, innovators and inventors significantly increased, which led to the change of the face of the world in less than a century. Now, it seems that we are at a new and different threshold: “Knowledge and Technology Revolution”. Years ago, the explosion of information made us think that today, the most serious and precious commodity that is widely sought after is "information", which is demanded by all people. Indeed, alongside the booming markets of oil and steel, copper and uranium, there was another market that neither infected the air nor the threatened the trees and caused no war and conflict. Media suddenly grew significantly, increased its penetration power a thousand times more, and elevated its attractiveness so that it would finally remind us the important of “information”. In the past, people had only knowledge about their surroundings and there was no need for news.

Nonetheless, no improvement will be made in the society without information. We cannot spend our days without the necessary knowledge. Not only is our right, knowledge is but also our serious need and a necessity in our lives in the 21st century. The presence of this number of media and huge money transfers are our reasons for understanding the “media revolution”. Today, even the information and content market competes with the oil market and has even overtaken it. The pure and significant interest from the animation companies of America is so huge that motivates any economic activists to change its business plan. In addition, content production and selling information does not have the same problems as selling and buying minerals. However, they do not lead to war and conflicts. Nonetheless, the astounding market of knowledge and technology has been established parallel to the booming of information market, leading to the formation of knowledge-based economy. Now, those who are more successful in the area of knowledge and innovation presentation and production have won and can integrate their technological product and service into our 21st-century lives. Agriculture, industry, and communication are still valuable. Nevertheless, science and technology have reached a point that they can transform agriculture, change the conventional industry practices, and promote the level of communications. That is why the first issue in the world is knowledge and technology and re-defining economic relations. Today, architecture is not building a glorious house and protect us against cold and heat. Many years ago, Walter Gropius said that architecture is no longer is roof without a hole. He was right. He meant that architecture has come to an understanding of artistic and aesthetics, which has increased our expectations from a house. Now, science and technology have come to help the building of smart houses, which are nothing but knowledge-based architecture. The same has occurred in other areas and mankind can expect knowledge-based urbanization, politics, education, and city.

In this regard and considering our scientific-academic background, we can greatly contribute to knowledge and technology production and acquire an excellent position in new areas. Meanwhile, one of the promising news was the report by valid scientific journals on production of science by the Islamic republic of Iran, which has led to the acquisition of the 15th rank in the world. This is important since it can motivate the Iranian scientists and increase their hope toward a knowledge-based future. If this is continued, it will be expected to witness a scientific leap in the country. However, there are some risks in this path.

There are still authorities with no particular knowledge about the knowledge-based concept, failing to comprehend its necessity in the society. This is especially true in those who have an image from the past in their minds and think that knowledge-based is a luxury notion. That is why they regard knowledge-based as a luxurious element. They have remained in the past and just pretend to support knowledge-based economy as a duty and nothing more. It should be realized that actions speak louder than words. Iranian scientists and technologists need no worlds, no pretention or formality. If they have been able to acquire the 15th rank in the world for the country despite the current problems and barriers, there is no doubt that they will continue the reasonable and correct path. On the other hand, our authorities must eliminate the legal and actual barriers to the path, correct banking issues and business obstacles of innovators, prepare the society for moving from traditional economy to knowledge-based economy, and act as motivators and not barriers.

We have a reliable situation right now and have a better condition, compared to other countries. A public determination and a national resolution is required to reach the high peaks of knowledge-based in less than a decade. This is not an exaggeration. You just need to interact with the motivated and talented youth of the country to realize their determination and confidence. We just need to help them and eliminate their barriers. 

*Advisor to the president of the national elites foundation

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