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Note/Parviz Karami
Breathing fresh air for the people of knowledge

Breathing fresh air for the people of knowledge

In a note written by the advisor to the president of the national elites foundation, we read: “now, we are at the verge of saying goodbye to “SarAmad” after 47 issues. The fact is that “SarAmad” is not finished for us. One of our friends said that “SarAmad” is finished and we want to say that no! That is not the case. In fact, “SarAmad” will continue its path in a new appearance and in line with the narrative of the conquests of Jihad of science and technology.

*Parviz Karami

“The day we initiated the monthly journal of “SarAmad”, we considered a vision for us in a non-written promise, which was clear and distinct. We were supposed to start the culture of technology ecosystem and elites society in the community. This was no easy task.” Everyone knows that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, culture is preferred over economy. However, it takes time to establish a correct culture in the society. In this regard, we must be patient. In fact, this is one of the concerns of the authorities of the system and the revolution. The knowledge-based economy and culture building technologies development headquarter has been established due to the same perspective. This headquarter grew and became important over time and was able to take effective steps. The activities of our colleague were so fruitful in the area of discourse creation that the Supreme Leader of Iran expressed: “fortunately, there is a cultural Vice-Presidency that has taken effective measures. However, they must be careful that the cultural activities be performed at the right level.” (October 19th 2018). Realizing the importance of this issue, we have dedicated extensive efforts to create a proper foundation for scientists, who are expected to create joy and valuable achievements. As expressed by the Supreme Leader of Iran, we must move toward a narrative on the conquests of the Jihad of science and technology.

When we started the new round of “Saramad”, the area of science and technology and entrepreneurial environment in the media field were at their early stage. A low number of media existed and many people were unaware of the activities and achievements of knowledge-based economy, scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Along with “Knowledge-based” and other media and radio-TV programs, “SarAmad” was able to rejoice all individuals involved in this field through accurate and detailed introduction of elites, knowledge-based and startup society.

In our unwritten promise, we determined the mission of the journal to be the realization of relevant goals. In addition, the time spent to achieve these objectives was related to the efforts made by the authorities of the ecosystem and media activists. Now that we re-assess this field, it is revealed that from paper newsletters to news agencies and the cyberspace, various news, reports, and analyses are published under the names and logos of media colleagues, many of whom are at the standard level of communications and promotion.

In terms of social media, which is a new and effective field, the situation is more promising. Various groups and channels have been established that have paved the way for the technological ecosystem of entrepreneurship. On the other hand, we established the “Knowledge-based” journal, goal of which is introducing knowledge-based and technological companies and active startups of the country. The growing presence of these companies, which has led to the production of many knowledge-based companies and startups, has increased the necessity of continuing the publication of “Knowledge-based” along with “SarAmad” more than before.

These two journals have assisted the authorities of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs and the national elites foundation in the realization of goals and achieving their goals. I hereby extend my gratitude to all of those who assisted us in this path. The abilities, capacities, and belongings of us have been so extensive that have encouraged us to continue our way.

However, the activity of the Vice-Presidency along with two “SarAmad” and “Knowledge-based” journals in the cyberspace and IRIB is notable. As expressed in the appreciation letter of the vice president for science and technology affairs to the head of IRIB, valuable measures have been taken in the field of national media and joint production of various programs since the signing of a joint agreement between these two organizations. Among these programs that have been associated with innovation in expressing and promoting science and technology in the society, we can refer to the successful program of “Nasim Danesh” broadcasted on Nasim Channel, “Bar Bonyane Danesh” broadcasted on News Channel, “Dot IR” broadcasted on Channel Two, “Sefr ta Sad” broadcasted on Channel Four, “Poetry Citing” on Amouzesh Channel, “Elm ta Servat” broadcasted on Channel One, and other programs on Ofogh Channel and other channels and some successful radio programs. These programs are produced with direct support of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter. This is the third year of producing these programs. During this time, more than 600 programs have been produced and broadcasted in 31 provinces and 170 cities, introducing more than 2500 knowledge-based and technological companies and many startups. Moreover, there has been a significant growth in innovative centers, growth centers, elites foundations. In addition, science parks, accelerators, and venture capitals have become more active and systematic, which has rejoiced the ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

Now, the mission of “SarAmad” is considered to be “finished”. On the other hand, considering the necessity of observing tariffs and benefits of the organization and high costs of papers and printing, there is no doubt to end the publication of “SarAmad” journal. It is decided to turn “Knowledge-based” and “SarAmad” into one journal to present the valuable experiences gained in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The future days will be knowledge-based, which will also involve the concerns of the elites society. The new approach of “Knowledge-based” will be revealed in its new issue. Now we must say goodbye to “SarAmad” after 47 issues. The fact is that “SarAmad” is not finished for us. One of the friends said that “SarAmad” is ended but we want to say that it will not end and will only change its appurtenance on the narrative of conquests of Jihad of science and technology. In fact, “SarAmad” was not a usual journal but was a culture; a culture that is supposed to penetrate in all areas of entrepreneurial ecosystem regardless of names, positions and views. The issue of “SarAmad” will remain forever.

Advisor to the president of national elites foundation

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