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News > Seven thousand billion IRR is the sales volume of technology companies in nano area.

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Seven thousand billion IRR is the sales volume of technology companies in nano area.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, expressed on his visit of the 10th nanotechnology exhibition: every year, we witness the presentation of new innovations in nanotechnology exhibition, which is indicative of increased advancement of this technology.

Sattari continued: today, more than 270 Iranian companies are active in this area, which provided a sale volume of seven thousand billion IRR. This is a new record for Iran and we hope that it can accelerated in this year.

Head of Iran national science foundation also affirmed that several investors are ready to invest in this area, asserting: this indicates the considerable benefits of this technology for investors. Therefore, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has seriously followed up the development of this area.

Moreover, the vice president for science and technology affairs conveyed: there are basic planning in the nano field from student section to product manufacturing. Furthermore, most of the current active companies were among the selected works in Nano Olympiads, which must initiate the commercialization of their ideas. 

Pointing out the fourth rank of Iran in production of scientific articles in nano area, Sattari marked: this rank is an honor for Iran. However, export is one of the important issues of this field, and export of products has been started since three years ago. This year, we have witnessed the export of nano equipment to advanced companies in laboratory and industry sections.

Sorena Sattari visited the 10th nanotechnology exhibition, which was held in Khalij Fars Hall of the international exhibition center. During this visit, Sattari learned about the products of industrial and commercial companies in nanotechnology area, including nano textiles, the new system of water and wastewater treatment with plasma cavitation, unit for removal of arsenic from water and anti-wave pregnancy corsets.


Other sections visited by the vice president for science and technology affairs included the student part, nanotechnology club, start-ups and the project for establishment of a nano industrial city in Oman. During this visit, Sattari was accompanied by Ali Zarafshan, deputy minister for primary education, Saeed Sarkar, secretary of nanotechnology development headquarter, and Reza Asadi Far, head of laboratory network. 

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