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Iran has had significant improvements in development of knowledge-based economy.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, had a meeting with Peter Pellegrini, deputy prime minister of the Slovak republic, in which he declared that the most important aspect of social interaction with other societies in the world is human capabilities of a country. He stated: Iran has been successful in moving from a resource-based economy to an economy which relies on human resources. Today, with a capital of five million students and being ranked as the fourth country with highest number of engineering graduates, we are improving our economy every day and shifting to knowledge-based economy.

Sattari introduced Iran as one of the countries with highest capacities in information and communication technology field. He also mentioned that the activities of our talented youth in active companies in various fields of technology predicts the future of our country at national and international levels.

During this meeting, Pellegrini discussed the steps taken by Iran and Slovakia in the path of development of new technologies to make the foundations for creating a suitable condition for cooperation between the two countries. 

Pointing out the joint projects in various scientific fields by companies from the two countries, Sattari conveyed: we are collaborating with Slovakia in research and science fields and in order to conduct joint projects. In addition to facilitating the cooperation between the countries, we are prepared to initiate banking and economic interaction with Slovakia.


Seyed Ahmad Reza Alaei Tabatabaei, director general for technology exchange, Alireza Daliri, head of deputy for management development and resources of Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Ali Morteza Birang, deputy for international affairs and technological exchange, Peter Žiga, economy minister, Peter Kažimír, finance minister, and Lee Gulian, Slovak ambassador in Iran, were present in this meeting.

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