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To Create New Entrepreneurial Ideas in the Section of Headquarter for Optimizing Energy and Environment;

The entrepreneurial event of “Green Week” will be held.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, the entrepreneurial event of “Saba and Triger” is an intense competition training event, held for 6 days, to create a productive environment and foster entrepreneurial ideas. In this event, necessary educations about turning ideas into a good entrepreneurial event will be provided for participants in training workshops. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for making teams for idea owners or joining of individuals, such as coders, commercial managers, graphic designers or other specialists, to the existing teams through networking programs.

According to this report, designing, planning and holding of this event have been carried out by the headquarter for optimizing energy and environment, Sharif science and technology park, entrepreneurship center, accelerator of Sharif and center of development of advanced technologies of Sharif University of Technology, which are the financial, scientific and spiritual supporters of this event.

On the other hand, given the specialized nature of the first startup event of Saba and the 7th trigger startup event with the subject of optimizing energy and environment in construction, participants within the age range of 18-25 years are allowed to participate in this event.

MSc students or graduates in the fields of energy engineering, mechanic engineering, chemical engineering, as well as physics and electrical engineering are prioritized.


According to this report, MSc students and graduates who are willing to participate in the entrepreneurial event of Saba 1- Triger startup 7, can register until April 17th 2017.

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