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After Holding the Third National Festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress”;

The top marine technology achievements will compete with each other.

Along with holding the third round of national festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress”, marine technology achievements competed with each other in three sections of marine knowledge-based companies, marine organizations and marine research centers and universities.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation Vali Mohammad Khosravi, secretary of marine technology achievements, stated about the conditions of technology achievements and projects:  with regard to the prepared regulations and summary of marine technology achievements and projects in the technical committee, these regulations were sent to marine knowledge-based companies, organizations, research centers and universities.

Khosravi also affirmed: it is expected that these projects have economic justifications and complete documents of success. In addition, the projects must be used to develop marine technology, which will lead to significant revenues.

According to this report, marine organization and knowledge-based companies must send a summary of their projects by completing the related form, along with their documents, to the secretariat of the event. In addition, ID of technical properties of each project along with its pictures must be delivered to the secretariat to present their marine achievements and projects.

All marine organizations, knowledge-based companies, research centers and universities are encouraged to send their projects until the September 22nd.


According to this report, the third national festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress” will be held with the support of marine knowledge-based technology and industry development headquarters of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs in November. 

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