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With the Support of Nanotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;

Holding the second round of the first nanotechnology challenge for producing atomic force microscopy

With ending of the first phase of the first nanotechnology challenge with the title of “Manufacture of Atomic Force Microscopy” and initiation of constructing its laboratory sample, the second nanotechnology challenge with the valuable award of 70 million IRR is started by the workgroup of nanotechnology development headquarters.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, the main topic of this challenge is “design and production of biosensor for detection of clostridium botulinum bacteria and/or botulinum toxin based on bioactive paper strips”, which has the ability to identify this toxin at a small scale and with the naked eye.

The majority of the current methods used for detection of germs and bacteria in the laboratories of our country are costly and time-consuming. Meanwhile, quick and timely detection of these agents play a significant role in their treatment.

It seems that bio-Nanosensors, that are able to detect microbial and pathogenic agents, can help decrease the cost and time of this process, while increasing the effectiveness of control, prevention and treatment of microbial diseases. Meanwhile, botulinum bacteria is one of the disease-making bacteria, causing death in humans if entering the body and not being treated after 24 hours.

This bacterial agent is widely used in biological threats. Therefore, nanotechnology development headquarters of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has aimed to localize the production of bio-Nanosensors for detecting this bacteria by relying on the knowledge and expertise of students and faculty members of universities and research centers, innovative and creative companies and other researchers and technologists of the country.

According to the announcement of the secretariat of nanotechnology challenges, the mentioned challenge will be held in three stages, and registration is initiated May 31st. Academic researchers, technologists and knowledge-based companies that are eager to participate in this event are encouraged to send their project to the secretariat of this challenge until July 1st 2017 through the website of the challenge.  

Those selected at this stage will be awarded a grant of 10 million IRR to use the services of nano lab (fabrication or analysis equipment) or purchase their required materials and tools.

Moreover, those who can present their laboratory sample in the next stage will be awarded 30 million IRR, along with a grant of 50 million IRR. The final winner of the challenge will also receive 70 million IRR and financial facilities for commercialization of their product.

The challenge of designing and manufacturing a biosensor for detecting clostridium botulinum bacteria or botulinum toxin based on bioactive paper strips will be held with the support of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs.

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