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With the Aim of Promoting Education and Research in the Field of Biotechnology in Students;

Educational workshops in the field of biotechnology will be held.

The biotechnology development headquarters of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has invited the graduates, who are willing to carry out student activities, of this field to hold educational workshops with the support of this headquarter.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, the biotechnology development headquarters has invited the graduates willing to perform student activities to be active in two fields of publishing the monthly student journal and holding educational workshops for high school students with the help of biotechnology development headquarters with the aim of promoting education and research in students.

This call was announced with the aim of improving education and research in students in the field of biotechnology and introducing this field to the society. Inclusion criteria for this event are having sufficient knowledge about the interests of the audience (i.e., high school students), having a creative mind in content provision, having sufficient knowledge in the field of biotechnology, being fluent in English translation, and having the experience of educational and research activities in the area of student teams.

Applicants (teams and individuals) are encouraged to send their resumes to student@biodc.isti.ir until June 12th 2017.

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