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News > The vice president for science and technology affairs visited the first university FAB.

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At School of Electricity in Tehran University of Medical Sciences;

The vice president for science and technology affairs visited the first university FAB.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, vice president for science and technology affairs, visited the first semi-industrial university FAB, implemented by a group of professors and students of Tehran University.

According to Shamsuddin Mohajerzadeh, manager of university FAB project, this project is implemented in three sections of mini, nano and LED FAB, the first phase of which is at its final stage.

Electricity professor of Tehran University stated that semi-industrial FAB has various applications in laboratory and industrial aspects, where creation of sensors, microelectronic operators and circuits is just a part of capacities of FABs. He added: the growth of microelectronics technology, especially microelectronic systems, is regarded as a significant advancement in production of different types of sensors due to extremely high capabilities of these technologies in minimizing and integrating sensors, operators, and electronic circuits. Creation of these devices will lead to the decrease of the their cost.  

Mohajerzadeh affirmed: this technology was started from an interesting academic research in the world, and is now regarded as the technology for production of sensors.

This faculty member of Tehran University mentioned the special role of FABs in self-efficiency and power of important industries, including oil and gas, adding: with regard to the especial condition of our country due to sanction of international industries, including oil and gas, self-efficiency in production of products in this field is of paramount importance. Therefore, establishment of an advanced center for creation of microsensors and microoperators based on MEMS advanced technology by relying on domestic abilities and opportunities is on our agenda.


According to this report, Sattari was accompanied by Mahmoud Sheikh Zeinoddin, secretary of the exhibition and deputy of science and technology department, and Saeed Saeed Sarkar, secretary of nanotechnology development headquarter, during this visit. 

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