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News > Share of 30 billion dollar market is production of digital content in Iran with creativity of the youth.

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Sattari on the Opening Ceremony of Computer Graphics Illustrations (CGI):

Share of 30 billion dollar market is production of digital content in Iran with creativity of the youth.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, vice president for science and technology affairs, mentioned the ability of the country in the area of digital and animation content production on the opening ceremony of computer graphics illustrations (CGI) of Raymon Media: Iran must earn its share from the 30 billion dollar market of digital content production. However, proper flourishing of the capacity of investments in this area requires an emphasis on creativity and innovation of the youth.

Head of Iran national science foundation recognized technological advances in the area of animation to be in need of the participation of the private sector, adding: the area of animation is not something to be advanced by the hands of the government or through obtaining loans. Growth of this market requires investment of the private sector in order to strengthen the creativity and innovation of the youth and focus on venture capitals.

According to Sattari, the most important asset for progress of this field is knowledge-based companies and creativity of human resources. He continued: these companies have no physical properties and use their creativity and intellectual property as the main asset in order to succeed in sales and wealth creation processes.

He pointed out the developments created by innovative companies in economy and capital market: these companies will soon fill the place of large companies, and will definitely create the foundations for fundamental economic evolutions. Similarly, many new businesses, which have been established less than one year ago, have moved the previous economy boarders, being able to have billions of revenues.

He also asserted: the upward growth of these companies will soon lead to an evolution in their environment, resulting in creation of colonies of knowledge-based companies. Something that must occur in universities and research and science centers.

The vice president for science and technology affairs marked that new businesses have entered new cultures in the economy of Iran, which replaces raw material selling with knowledge and creativity in wealth creation. He conveyed: a new culture is added to the economic structure of the country with new businesses. While such culture has been among Iranian from many years ago, we have forgotten about it due to our reliance on oil revenues. According to this culture, previous methods have been changed and replaced with new business cultures.

According to Sattari, self-confidence along with determination and stimulation of the youth trained in academic environments are the basis of this culture.

The vice president for science and technology affairs regarded the establishment of this center as a sample for formation of business in the area of animation.


During this event, Sattari was accompanied by Hesamodin Ashna, the cultural advisor to the president of Iran, Mofateh, CEO of Iran Mobin Co., Amirinia, manager of Barkat knowledge-based institute, Akramifar, head of innovation and technology cooperation center, Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and secretary of knowledge-based science and technology development headquarter, Sajadi Nir, secretary of soft and identity-making technology development headquarter, Seyed Hashemi, deputy executive of the executive headquarters of imams directive, Jalali Manesh, CEO of Barkat knowledge-based institute.

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