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It is time to work on the economy of resistance.

Electoral competition is over, something that has been clearly stated by managers. However, the political fights still continue and factional bickering is still happening. If these discussions were limited to the media there would be no problem. However, talking from experience, they will penetrate in management fields, damaging some of the important and essential tasks of the country. It is true that political fights are the necessity of democracy. They are even beneficial for development of country since they lead to the modification of affairs. It is not a matter of taste or orientation. The fact that there are “different viewpoints” in a society means that methods and managements are being criticized; managers stay away from dictatorship and hear the opinion of others, even their rivals, whether willingly or unwillingly. 

Everyone knows everything and democratic methods are nothing but inviting all society members in running the country. However, enough is enough and if we are not careful, these discussions not only lead to no advancement, but they also result in shutting down of projects and works. In fact, moderation in these debates is something that prevents the democracy to be turned into chaos.  

Now if the energy used in these fights be applied in other areas, great advancement will be achieved, which are definitely in the area of economy of resistance. If we start investing in this area, there will be many improvements in the country despite the barriers to its path. “Economy of resistance is accepted by everyone, for which commissions and committees are formed. However, progress is slow, which is indicative of scientific barriers.” (Statements of the Supreme Leader in meeting with academic professors, June 21st, 2017). In my opinion, it is time to eliminate these barriers. But the question is by who and how. Academic professors, researchers and scientific elites are at the frontier of this area. However, they require support and an appropriate situation. This amount of conflict in the community only leads to decreased focus and emphasis on important issues of the country.

On the other hand, we have a young country. There are many good-natured youth. In order for the economy of resistance to flourish, we need to work hard on its prerequisite, which is “economy of resistance”. Everywhere in the world, evidence shows that formation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is the necessity of knowledge-based economy, extremely depends on the youth of each country. It is has been observed that our youth turn to their best version when they leave the country and go the western areas. Now that the establishment of knowledge-based companies has significantly accelerated in the country, it is time to provide the opportunity for our youth to show their power and determination. In this regard, it has been stated that: “if the young manpower of the country is raised religious, revolutionary, profound, literate and determined, the historical restrictions of Iran can be eliminated through accelerated developments in the future, increasing the status of Iran and Iranians in the country.” (Statements of the Supreme Leader in meeting with academic professors, June 21st, 2017)

We previously talked about this and reminded the neglected tasks. Therefore, if the public space of the society is significantly involved with political fights, not only we will lose opportunities, but the remaining tasks will increase every day, leading to lack of keeping up with the rest of the world. Fortunately, the president of the 12th government was selected with the maximum participation of people, who hope for improved economy and culture in the society. In this regard, all of the necessary measures have been provided to start new projects since the senior officials have agreed on necessities and priorities in their fields. Nothing more is needed but national determination to spend our energy in economic activities and works instead of political fights.

For reasons that are known by everyone, we are a little far behind our development schedule. During this time, there has been no stop to the improvements observed in the world. It seems that the world is progressing and everyone is working to earn an income. Our regional rivals have not stopped as well. They are working with everything they have got to achieve their goals. However, some of their goals are in contradiction with our goals.

The concept of scientific growth in areas of energy, water and environment is not something to be avoided so that our rivals were to implement their long- and short-term programs without considering our situation. We need to enter the regional and international relations with all of our power. However, internal weaknesses prevents our significant presence in foreign areas. This weakness is nothing but continued political debate where it is not needed. In fact, economy of resistance and knowledge-based economy will grow with “logic” and “sympathy”. It is not right to stay back and just see what comes out of the relationship between industry and university, so that we could cheer. Grudge is something that prevents people from speaking up. While every sound must be heard, the main essence of success is sympathy among people.

Those who are concerned with unfinished works of the 11th government are happy with the continuity of this government and hope that these works will be finished with less energy and more speed. Over the past few years, great things have happened in the field of growth that has not yet come to an end. Many political and legal barriers have been eliminated. In this regard, legislative and judiciary branches worked accordingly so that any barrier to the development of economy, occupation and production, and most important of all, the economy of resistance, is eliminated. However, exactly on days that the public environment must shift toward work and activity, some individuals insist on continuing aimless political debates and neglect the chance to work, which is nothing but loss of opportunities.

Some tasks must be performed today and should not be delayed until tomorrow. Given our experience in continuous losing of opportunities, we must come to our senses as soon as possible and invite everyone, including ourselves, to work. We will deserve the blames by the future generation if we lose our today’s opportunity, turning on each other instead of working on unity and companionship for development of Iran.

At the end, it is noteworthy that working in seminaries and as students is the way to strengthen the spirits of society members, expand their thought, increase their self-confidence and elevate their efficiency. However, it is important to maintain out the national identity. By doing so, we can keep our national interest. The large tree of economy of resistance will grow with modification.

If cedar is grown with modification, the sun will complain about its height (Vahshi Bafghi)


Parviz Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs 

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