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News > The national pavilion of knowledge-based products will be held in MAKS 2017 exhibition.

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In Line with Targeted Development of Regional and International Technological Interactions and Collaborations;

The national pavilion of knowledge-based products will be held in MAKS 2017 exhibition.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Iran national space administration announced that according to its mission regarding the development of regional and international innovative and technological exports, collaborations, and exchanges, and in order to have an effective presence in global gatherings with the support of international affairs and technology exchange headquarter and through technology exchange and export development corridor, this organization has aimed to hold pavilion for private knowledge-based companies in MAKS 2017 exhibition.

This pavilion will be performed with the aim of support of presence of knowledge-based companies and introduction of knowledge-based products and services in order to develop the market and increase export rate.

MAKS exhibition is held biennially on odd years since 1992. In addition to the participation of manufacturers of aerial products, this exhibition is the largest symposium between Russian designers and other countries for exchange of experience. This year, MAKS exhibition will be held July 18th-23rd, 2017 in Zhukovsky, Russia.

In previous round of the exhibition, capabilities of other companies and negotiations with current companies, as well as interview with the participants of the exhibition led to several achievements and signing of agreements.

The most important negotiations of the previous round of the exhibition include overhaul of airplanes and helicopters, airport facilities, supply of parts and equipment, repair, maintenance and renovation and international collaboration in the field of air, research and development specialized laboratory centers.

Furthermore, cooperation fields in aerial projects with western companies were provided in MAKS exhibition, including negotiation over airplane components and overhaul, airplane use conversion (e.g., aerial ambulances), standardization of airline workshops, creation of joint repair, maintenance and renovation centers and supplying standard equipment and new machinery.


In international exhibition of MAKS 2017, more than 15 knowledge-based companies will be present in national pavilion of Islamic Republic of Iran.

18:07 - 9/07/2017    /    Number : 25649    /    Show Count : 56


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