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Daliri on the Ceremony for Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding with Sepah Bank:

Knowledge-based stock exchange will be established.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Alireza Daliri, head of deputy for management development and resources, claimed: given the positive measures taken by the Vice-Presidency in order to create an independent file in stock exchange for knowledge-based companies and presence of some knowledge-based companies on the stock exchange board, we hope that knowledge-based stock exchange will soon be created to develop active companies in this area.

He continued: financial support of knowledge-based companies through their presence in stock exchange and listing of their shares on the stock exchange board are currently carried out, and a special board has been created for small and medium-sized enterprises and knowledge-based companies. However, there must be a great number of companies on the stock exchange board by performing the necessary processes.

Head of deputy for management development and resources mentioned the entering of stock exchange market, stating: after concluding a memorandum of understanding with the stock exchange organization, an independent file with the knowledge-based topic was created, and venture capitals were formed for support of these companies. Currently, about eight companies have obtained this license.

Daliri also asserted: recently, we are negotiating with more than nine banks, which will soon lead to the obtaining of a significant amount of financial support and growth in this area.

The main aim of this ceremony, which was held to sign an agreement between the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs and Sepah Bank, was to use the financial capacities and assets of the country to develop and improve knowledge-based services and products and realize the goals of the economy of resistance.


Some of the main topics of this agreement include cooperation on establishment of “accelerators and innovation centers”, cooperation on establishment and development of activities of venture capitals, collaboration to use knowledge-based services and products in related areas of the two parties, including fintechs. 

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