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With the Support of Marine Knowledge-based Technology and Industry Development Headquarter;

Activities of marine knowledge-based companies will be expanded at an international level.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, marine knowledge-based technology and industry development headquarter has aimed to send domestic marine specialists abroad to participate in international exhibitions with the support of deputy of international affairs and technology exchange and export development corridor to facilitate the foundations for export of marine knowledge-based products and technology exchange and develop its market. In addition, coordination will be made for foreign experts to participate in domestic marine gatherings and concluding international joint cooperation agreements.

This cooperation is in line with the strengthening and empowering national brands in the area of production of products with high technologies, monitoring similar technologies and reverse engineering by knowledge-based companies, improvement of quality of products with high technology, development of market share and providing the foundations for proper entering on knowledge-based companies and marine universities to international gatherings.

Some of the most important actions of the headquarter on an international level carried out during 2014-2017 include holding specialized pavilion of marine industries of Iran in the 13th marine exhibition of Russia (NEVA2015), specialized pavilion of Iran in the 27th round of the marine exhibition and conference of SMM in Germany, marine joint meeting of Iran and South Korea in Tehran and Busan, travel of Iran national naval fleet network to Russia, travel of the Italian delegation to Iran, holding business-to-business meetings with marine knowledge-based companies, and concluding international joint cooperation with organizations and research centers of Russia and South Korea. 


According to this report, the marine knowledge-based industry and technology development headquarter has aimed to hold the pavilion of Islamic Republic of Iran in the 38th round of Europort exhibition in Netherlands 2017 to support the presence of marine knowledge-based companies in international exhibitions and presenting the achievements and abilities of the country. The pavilion of Iran with the title of Marine Pavilion of Iran will be located in the sixth hall of the exhibition near the pavilions of Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Korea and Panama.

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