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News > Development of knowledge-based technology and economy in the energy area is seriously followed up.

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Vatankhah Moghadam:

Development of knowledge-based technology and economy in the energy area is seriously followed up.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Siroos Vatankhah Moghadam, secretary of the headquarter of renewable energy technology development, stated about measures taken by this newly established headquarter: the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs aimed to make some changes in its organizational structure and various sections in the 11th government to respond to the public demand and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its actions.

According to Vatankhah, one of these changes has been the integration of three headquarters of oil, gas and coal, renewable energies and energy and environment improvement. In this regard, he marked: several headquarters have been formed in the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs for energy area, all of which have been active in a united chain called energy. Some parts of activities of these headquarters overlapped, and some topics in the energy area, such as electricity and power, did not exist in the structural form of previous headquarters of the Vice-Presidency. Therefore, a new headquarter has been form to cover all topics related to energy area, so that parallel working is prevented and inactive areas are activated.

Secretary of the headquarter of renewable energy technology development regarded the activities of this headquarter to be extremely broad and expanded.

In terms of actions of the headquarter, Vatankhah affirmed: the basis for the activities of the headquarter is six balanced missions, which are carried out in the chain of development of the ecosystem and technology of energy area. Support of activists of this area is one of the most serious measures taken by the headquarter. Given the current issues of the country, we have aimed to find indirect financial supports for development of technology in this area. In addition, finding new and innovative solutions for support of the mentioned issues is another task of the headquarter.

Vatankhah Moghadam also asserted: activities of this new headquarter has been initiated, the first step being making organizational changes and integrating the three headquarters in the human resource area. Evaluation of previous actions of the headquarter and preparation of a dynamic operational program are on the agenda of the headquarter in the area of energy to create the foundations for quantitative and qualitative growth of resources and tools that exist in the new headquarter.


By integrating three headquarters of “renewable energies technology development”, “oil, gas and coal innovation and technology development” and “energy and environment optimization” by the vice president for science and technology affairs and head of energy technology development headquarter, Siroos Vatankhah Moghadam was appointed as the secretary of the newly established headquarter of “energy technology development”.

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