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Head of Deputy for Management and Resources Development Announced:

Introduction of more than 260 knowledge-based companies to Fara Bourse

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Alireza Daliri, deputy for management and resources development, stated: we have been able to produce the necessary foundations for entering companies with the required capacities to the market over the past years and with the cooperation of Fara Bourse organization.

Daliri pointed out: in this regard, we have introduced more than 260 knowledge-based companies to Fara Bourse to initialize their presence in this organization.

Deputy for management and resources development continued: we have more than three thousand knowledge-based companies, which are constantly obtaining huge profits, whereas other companies are earning 1.5 of their profits. In this meeting, Shapour Mohammadi, chairman of the securities and exchange organization of Iran (SEO), mentioned: Bourse organization must facilitate the development of investment market by adhering to the principles.

He also emphasized: development of investment market and entering this market helps the improvement of economy of the country. In this regard, Mohammadi continued: over the past few years, everyone would ask whether it is possible to use financial tools in Iranian markets or not. However today, we witness that many of these tools are being exploited in the market.

According to Mohammadi, the aim of the competition of league of stock exchange stars is educating students and enthusiasts of this field and development of investment culture.

He also affirmed: we hope that Ati Bazar be promoted more than ever, so that individuals will be able to obtain reasonable and proper benefits from the market.

Chairman of SEO added: I also hope that limitations to investment market be gradually eliminated for more development of the market.

League of stock exchange starts was held at stock exchange of Tehran to educate students of financial fields and evaluate their activities in the investment market, attended by teams from 10 universities.

The main goal of this competition is educating students of financial fields and evaluating their activities in the investment market.


At the end of the competition, teams from Alzahra, Alameh Tabatabaei and Khajeh Nasir Tousi were introduced as the selected teams. 

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