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Sattari Emphasized on the First Summit of Islamic Countries on Science and Technology Area:

Endeavors for the presence of Iranian knowledge-based companies in Islamic countries

The vice president for science and technology affairs introduced the export of products of knowledge-based companies to Islamic countries as one of the goals of presence in the first summit of Islamic countries on science and technology.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, travelled to Kazakhstan, along the president of Iran, to attend the first summit of Islamic countries on science and technology, expressing that the most important achievement of this summit was great attempts to facilitate the presence of knowledge-based companies in Islamic countries and taking the steps of progress simultaneously with other countries to implement joint scientific projects. 

Sattari also stated: Iran has ranked first in the world in terms of providing scientific articles, having a significant distance from other Islamic countries in various new technologies, including nano, biotechnology, aerospace and medicine.

Signing of a 10-year Document for Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Islamic Countries

In this regard, Sattari mentioned: in this summit, a 10-year document with the title of 2026 will be approved by members, which will cover topics such as student exchange, improving the rank of universities, developing new sciences and implementing mega projects, performing of which is out of the financial power of a country.

The vice president for science and technology affairs continued: despite the high scientific strength and development of knowledge-based companies in Iran, especially in the past few years, we do not have a proper status in terms of commercialization of related achievements. Therefore, one of the most important goals for attending this summit was directing the knowledge-based companies of the country toward the market of Islamic countries.

Proper Foundations for Development of New Sciences between Islamic Countries

Sattari pointed out: mutual cultural and religious perspectives with Islamic countries have laid the appropriate foundations for joint production of software and development of new sciences. Today, there are successful companies in Iran active in nano area, which can export their products to advanced countries and be easily active in Islamic countries as well.

He affirmed: holding this summit will change the attitude to authorities of Islamic countries toward scientific and technological collaborations, which will be the most important achievement of the summit. In addition, this summit was a good opportunity for holding a meeting consisting of some of the authorities of Islamic countries to adopt a unified stance in the condemnation of crimes against humanity which has occurred recently for Myanmar Muslims.

According to this report, this meeting will evaluate the newly established relations between science and technology and position of Islamic countries in this area.


In addition to the authorities of Islamic countries, scientific and cultural figures, as well as heads of international units, will attend this summit and share a joint announcement at the end of the event. 

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