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News > The event of “MOPACK” will be held in the area of cellphones, planning and development of urban life.

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By the Cooperation of Soft and Identity-making Technologies Development Headquarter;

The event of “MOPACK” will be held in the area of cellphones, planning and development of urban life.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation  application of information and communication technology (ICT) for establishment of new technological businesses (startups) has been supported by government and private sector of the country to eliminate the costs, facilitate the execution affairs and create occupations.

Therefore, the first round of “MOPACK” event (cellphone, planning and development of urban life) will be held October 18th-21st, 2017 at Kourosh Mall Complex by municipality of district five of Tehran and other financial and spiritual supporters.

Some of the main topics of the event include intelligent city, services related to commercial center and complexes, urban tourism and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in worn-out urban textures, urban and family economy, traffic and culture of driving, peddlery and blockage, waste management and separation (dry and wet), entrepreneurship of the affected social strata and female heads of household.


The first MOPACK event will be held in two sections of weekend startup, in which all of the participants will be in a joint space and will be selected among successful entrepreneurs and experts in the area of urban management to turn their ideas into business. Given the increased use of cellphones by people and high demand rate for mobile apps, this tool is considered as the basis for design and implementation of ideas presented in the event. 

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