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Special Issue of October and November 2017;

The 40th “SarAmad” is published.

The 40th “SarAmad”, special issue of October and November 2017, is published, emphasizing the topic of self-esteem of elites.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, in addition to having great features in the Iranian-Islamic culture, the number 40 is a sign of sophistication and evolution. The scientific, educational, analytic monthly journal of “SarAmad”, which is being published for a few years with a suitable structure due to the efforts of the national elites foundation, has reached its 40th issue. However, this journal has been recognized by the community of elites and enthusiasts of science and technology for a long time.

Why Not

In this issue of the journal, various topics are presented in 132 pages. Parviz Karami, editorial-in-chief of SarAmad Journal, wrote an editorial on the importance of self-esteem of elites, stating: “isn’t it true that a number of our elites are currently affecting the destiny of Iran from other parts of the world and might even change our destiny? Aren’t they capable of changing the destiny of their own country? Why not?” In another part of his editorial, he emphasized: “the current conditions and orientation of the country, which values knowledge-based economy and economy of resistance more than before, has provided the best opportunity for the youth to improve their faith and scientific efforts for advancement of the country and elimination of problems. Similar to the Supreme Leader of Iran, we believe that the Iranian youth can improve this area more efficiently, advanced and orderly, God willing.”

Participation of Specialists

Interview with a Quranic elite has its own perks. Rahim Khaki is one of the active Quran reciters of Iran. He believes that creative and innovative ideas in the area of Quranic sciences can affect the development of Quranic activities and promote Quranic lifestyle.

Stable Ceilings

Ali Bakhshi, faculty member of Sharif University of Technology, had an interview with the 40th issue of “SarAmad” with the title of “no roof must collapse”, providing some technological notes on promoting the safety of buildings during earthquakes.

Presentation of Startups in Hand of Women

The special part of the 40th issue of “SarAmad” is allocated to the presence of Iranian women in startups and knowledge-based companies. Golrokh Bahri, the young CEO of an active startup of the country, believes that “we should have faith in our capable women.” Hoda Doost Mohammadi, one of the idea owners of a startup in the area of medicine, talked about solutions to improve the presence of women in the startup ecosystem of the country.

There are many other different reports, notes, news and interviews on the 40th issue of “SarAmad”. Audiences of this journal can have access to the images, voices, contents and videos using barcode reader app on their smart phones.


The 40th monthly educational, scientific, news and analytical journal of “SarAmad” is published in 132 pages. It is noteworthy that this journal is provided by responsibility of national elites foundation, management of Sorena Sattari and editorial of Parviz Karami.

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