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Support of researchers of the country will be expanded.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Nosratollah Zargham, president of Iranian national science foundation, stated during a meeting with professors and researchers of Lorestan Province: the aim of our provincial travels and meeting with members of research centers and universities of the country is more familiarization of these people with the support foundations.

This activity increases the opportunity of criticizing the activities of these people and receiving their opinions to provide better support services.

He continued: the researchers and professors of Tehran have been the majority of those who have used the services of the foundation. Fortunately, there has been great informing, such as provincial travels, which has led to the use of these advantages by 26% approved projects of researchers and technologists of Tehran and 74% of researchers of other provinces. Moreover, 24% of these supports are allocated to individuals with academic rank of professors, whereas 26% and 50% are assigned to associate professors and assistant professors of universities and research centers across nation.

In addition to mentioning the strategic view of idea making in the world, Zargham affirmed: today, when we talk about inclusive growth of counties, the main focus is on the sources and basis of this growth in innovation and intellectual products. Therefore, it seems that a new perspective has been formed in the world, which is significantly different than the past. In addition, it is clear that just scientific growth cannot guarantee the prosperity, happiness and peace of people.

Therefore, in addition to intellectual products, the spiritual growth in this regard must also be taken into consideration. It is aimed to createknowledge-based universities, so that in addition to economic growth, increased social welfare, and competitive ability in the world, the spiritual aspects and values are also emphasized.

President of Iranian national science foundation also mentioned: the foundation will also make its effort to support intellectual products and use the maximum capacities by expanding its supports and fitting different types of supports to the audiences based on their abilities. Meanwhile, epistemic dimensions are created by relying on essential epistemic backings.

In addition to pointing out the expansion of support, which is indicative of the dynamic work of the foundation, Zargham considered the output of some supports, such as research seats, doctoral and post-doctoral dissertations, grants and support of patent registration, to be significantly valuable.

Pointing out that it is aimed to implement projects based on needs of the country along with supporting the received projects, Zargham stated: an information bank of researchers has been formed in the foundation to facilitate the judging process of projects, which is being completed.

According to Zargham, a part of these supports will be allocated to improvement of important substructures of science and technology and better scientific products in the future, pointing out the formation of a science room for showing the future of science in the world.


President of Iranian national science foundation mentioned the necessity of use of all domestic powers of the country, as well as its potential and actual capacities at the end of his speech. 

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