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By the Support of Information, Communication and Cyberspace Technologies Development Headquarter;

The comprehensive system of research priorities of the country is established.

The comprehensive system of research priorities of the country is established to guide academic researches in line with the needs of executive organizations and knowledge-based companies of the country.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, knowledge-based companies of ICT area can announce their technological needs through this system free of charge in order to develop knowledge-based products in the form of research priorities or projects and exploit the capacity of the academic society in line with the development of knowledge-based products.

According to this report, it is possible in this system to freely observe all research priorities of the executive organizations of Iran (about 35000 research priorities from 600 organizations). Therefore, some of the knowledge-based companies in all academic fields can observe these contents through a unified window, which as various abilities, such as search in years of 2013-2017.

Using this system, researchers will be able to define their theses in line with research priorities of the organizations or knowledge-based companies of Iran, and also benefit from financial support, shortened military service duration and being placed on the list of employment priorities of knowledge-based companies.

In addition, graduates can search for and implement research projects of organizations and knowledge-based companies of Iran.

In this system, an ability called “notification” is predicted, so that researchers could define some keywords in order to be notified about new relevant research priorities or projects of government organizations or knowledge-based companies.


Furthermore, knowledge-based companies can learn about research projects of government organizations and obtain these researchers using the mentioned system. 

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