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The Ninth National Forum of Regional Technomarts Will Be Held

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, the national forums of regional technomarts are held two times a year in order to increase synergy between technomarts. In these forums, ninth round of which will be held in Yazd, representatives of the technomart center based in Pardis technology park, small industries organization and industrial towns of Iran, 16 regional technomarts and the specialized technomart of gas industry of Iran will be present.

Mohsen Ali Akbarian, secretary of the national technomart of Iran, explained about this forum, stating: during this event, the latest status of programs and activities of the technomarts of the country will be evaluated and experiences obtained from measures taken in order to develop the technomart of the country will be shared.

He also asserted: a part of this forum will be allocated to the measures taken by regional technomarts and expressing the related experiences. These areas include helping the commercialization of technology and technological products, marketing and selling of knowledge-based products, holding technology tours and technology exchange meetings, facilitating the entrance of inventions into the intellectual property market, completion of technology databank of the province and recognition and supply of technology needs.

Secretary of the national technomart of Iran also explained about the side programs of the forum, expressing: in the programs of the forum, it is aimed to provide some education. Therefore, during the ninth forum, a panel with the title of “investment challenges in the innovation area of the country” will be held.

At the end, Ali Akbarian pointed out the presence of representatives from the nanotechnology development headquarter, affirming: the nanotechnology development headquarter is also invited to this forum to explain about its services and collaborations with brokerages and regional technomarts.


The ninth national forum of regional technomarts will be held November 11th-12th, 2017 in Yazd, aiming to evaluate the latest activities of technomarts and increase the synergy between these organizations. 

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