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By the Support of Energy Technologies Development Headquarter;

Technology of water turbomachines will be developed.

The institute of water turbomachines must be recognized as one of the active centers of the country in the area of performing research activities to develop the technology of this field, which has been able to establish a test and design laboratory and a calculation center with the support of energy technologies development headquarter.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sirous Vatankhah Moghadam, secretary of energy technologies development headquarter, mentioned the support of development of activities of this institute in line with the commercialization of achievements and supplying the needs of the water and oil industry market of the country. Development of some cooperation areas, such as development of laboratory infrastructures, participation in international collaborations with Austria, South Korea and Russia, and education of human resources in related industries were also pointed out by Vatankhah in this visit.

In addition, Seyed Ahmad Nourbakhsh, head of water turbomachine institute of the faculty of engineering of Tehran University talked about the international achievements, produced samples, various test circuits and articles and theses conducted in this institute. According to Nourbakhsh, some of the future plans of this institute include creation of the water pump technology center in order to supply the mentioned technical knowledge, technical knowledge of design and manufacture of industrial pumps of water and oil industries, and providing services for testing and evaluating the related equipment, preliminary measures of which have been already taken.


According to this report, the water turbomachines institute of Tehran University has been formed to perform research activities to develop water turbomachines and provide services for BSc and MSc students and PhD candidates to supply the needs of water industry in the country with the cooperation of Tehran University and ministry of energy. In addition, this institute has established its test and design laboratory and calculation center with the financial support of energy technologies development headquarter. This act has created a potential in the area of designing and testing water turbines in Tehran University. Currently, design and test of all types of water turbines are carried out in the institute, and students of this field can benefit from facilities provided by this center to conduct their researches. 

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