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Emphasis on Sea as a God-given Property Requires Promotion and Culture Building

Given the experiences of the country in the past decade and slow trend of entrance of knowledge-based culture and achievements into the area of economy and presence of a gap among science, technology and economy owners, experts strongly believe that modification of the economic and scientific culture of the society in all scientific fields is one of the fundamental infrastructures and basic necessities for success of the country in the area of knowledge-based economy and achieving the goals of the country in the area of moving from oil-based economy to knowledge-based economy and realization of economy of resistance.

Now let’s talk about culture building in sea. The sea can provide a wide range of occupations for us, which with regard to our national benefits, must be turned into a concern that flows in the public opinion and atmosphere of the society, such as water of the sea. In this regard, culture building must be considered as the main task. In the knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter, we have made significant efforts to realize this goal.

Sea is a blessing, a work, income and interaction. In addition, sea is science, technology and culture; a culture as deep as the sea. I do not exaggerate since all of these sections are truly parts of sea. Currently, we live in an era when in addition to significant need to job and income creation, we need interaction and culture building in the country as well.

Due to containing water, oil, gas, food, economy and culture in sea, an exclusive significance is allocated to strategic plan of the world. In general, two-third of the world is covered with water. However, a small part of this vastness is calmed in the presence and due to the activities of human beings. Even this small part can play a crucial role for nations, which worth all the efforts made in this area. Thanks to the good efforts of our ancestors, who protected our borders, we have obtained benefits from the sea, which has turned Iran into one of the most strategic lands of the world. The fact is that we have made this blessing one of the most strategic territories in the world.

Unfortunately, we have historically escaped from the sea and bases of attention to sea as a God-given property need to be empowered. Sea is similar to a valuable national property, which creates wealth. In this path, encouraging of the youth to enter the creative and innovative environment leads to changes in skills, entrepreneurial behavior, scientific and technological tours and strengthening of the society.

In order to achieve the mentioned goals, the festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress” was first initiated to create culture and develop the sea culture and has been able to be turned into a wide source of culture building to attract young audiences.

In this path, any type of process or measure that leads to the development of sea culture is required. The festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress” can also tolerate the greatest burden of responsibilities in this area. Therefore, holding of this festival and other events that provide culture building can be significantly valuable if their goal is not to be merely a gathering.


*Parviz Karami, president of the communication and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs  

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