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News > The second Mustafa Prize will be awarded to two prominent scholars of the Islamic world

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Announced on a Press Conference;

The second Mustafa Prize will be awarded to two prominent scholars of the Islamic world

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, the press conference of the second Mustafa Prize was held in the school of culture, art and communications in the presence of Hassan Zohour, head of the prize workgroup, Nikfar, deputy vice president of “Hamrahe Aval” company, and Mahdi Safaria, secretary of the policy-making council, and a number of news members.

Hassan Zohour expressed the call for the Mustafa Prize on this conference, stating: the first round of the Mustafa Prize was held in Tehran in December 2015, during which two selected scholars were awarded. Now, the second round of the prize has been initiated since May 2017 by sending the call to 700 scholars, 200 valid scientific centers and domestic and international universities.

He continued: in this call, scholars and scientific units are required to introduce their selected individuals in four areas of nano technology, information and communication technology, biotechnology and medicine to the secretariat of the event. While one person from each of the first three mentioned areas will be awarded, two individuals will be selected in the fourth region.

Pointing out that the scholars must be residents of one of the Islamic countries, Zohoor affirmed: however, only the condition of being a Muslim is considered in the fourth area. This call has been sent to 51 out of 57 Islamic countries of the world, and until January 2017, 241 works were delivered from 31 countries.

Zohoor added: three conditions are determined for the scholars in this call. First, the introduced individuals must be from the top scholars in their own area. In addition, they must have a specific scientific work with a global or regional effect. At the end, 12 works will be sent to the policy-making council and the final evaluations will be carried out. However, only 21 works were delivered for the fourth area, and only one person will be selected at the end.

According to the head of the Mustafa Prize workgroup, no selected works were observed in the nano and bio and medicine sections of the event.

Zohoor continued: in this event, a person cannot candidate himself and only the prominent scholars and valid academic institutes of the world can introduce their selected individuals.

During the press conference, Hamid Reza Rabiei, head of the science and technology workgroup of the Mustafa Prize stated: it is decided to change the Mustafa Prize into the global prize of Mustafa Nobel. The policy-making council of this event encompasses valid universities of the Islamic world. In total, seven international referees are in the technology information committee and there are international counselors at very high ranks to evaluate the works. Without a doubt, there will be a long process for selection of the top individuals.

The closing ceremony of the Mustafa Prize will be held in Vahdat Hall of Tehran on December 3rd 2017 during 10:00-12:00. The selected works of this round belong to Mohammad Amin Shokrollahi from Iran in the area of presenting rector cods and information networks and Erol Gelenbe, Turkish scholar, in the area of information network modeling.

The Mustafa Prize awarded to each person is 500 thousand dollars.


According to the executive documents of the event, Sorena Sattari (vice president for science and technology affairs) and Mahdi Safarnia (head of Pardis technology park) are the head and secretary of the policy-making council of the Mustafa Prize, respectively. 

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