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News > Perennial strategic roadmap of 2020 is published in Farsi for the first time.

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By the Support of Photonics Laser and Micron Structures Technologies Development Headquarter;

Perennial strategic roadmap of 2020 is published in Farsi for the first time.

For the first time in Iran, the perennial strategic roadmap of “driving photonics of economic growth of Europe” is translated and published by the photonics laser and micron structures technologies development headquarter.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, preparation of the perennial strategic roadmap of photonics is performed with the support of the photonic society of Europe and the European bed of 21 photonic technology, aiming to support the establishment of the public-private participation program in photonics in a new framework with the title of 2020 vision. During the creation of this roadmap, the photonic society and 21 photonic workgroup started a close dialogue with the photonic commission of Europe at the level of general secretary.

According to this report, the perennial strategic roadmap of photonics is the result of brainstorming and interviewing more than 300 elites in the European photonic society. These elites defined key challenges in photonics by research an innovation, along with expressing issues about key technologies that empower the activists of this field. It is realized that Europe must invest more in various applications and technologies of photonics.


The framework of this perennial roadmap is creation of photonic solutions for major socioeconomic challenges of Europe, such as aging society, health, decrease of energy consumption, health and food safety. In addition, the European photonic society has aimed to implement the research and innovation strategy defined in this perennial roadmap. Emergence of photonics in Europe and its development from a small activity to a key technology, which made it one of the most important industries of the future, shows how photonics build the 21st century based on photon.

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