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Special August Issue, 2017;

The 38th “SarAmad” is published.

The 38th monthly educationalscientific, news and analytical journal of “SarAmad”, especial issue of 2017, is published, emphasizing on the importance of simultaneous use of thought and creativity.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, a question has been raised: why do Iranians know everything about complicated and advanced technologies, but they have significant weaknesses in using simple and everyday techniques and products and rely on foreigners in this regard? Answering this question opens the knots created by lack of attention to small issues due to focusing on advancements. Solutions are simple but the subject has been complicated. However, the main solution can be introduced by our own academics and technologists. The 38th monthly journal of “SarAmad”, especial August issue, has a serious look at the issue of balance between development and advancement in the country.

Thought and Creativity

Parviz Karami, editor-in-chief of “SarAmad” mentioned the necessity of simultaneous use of thought and creativity in his editorial, expressing some notes that can lead to discussion over this issue. In a section of this editorial, he wrote: “what is known as successful nuclear, nano, bio or aerospace experience teaches us that we accurately invest with thinking and use our irrationality on a subject we have focused. In addition, we provide cultural, political and social supports for that subject; therefore, we can succeed in a short duration. It means that the facilities are provided, there is a creative, and committed human resource, all of the foundations have been laid, the only issue is our undivided attention in order to invest in a subject and recognize all of the necessities of that area.”

 Industry and Education

It has been a while since the necessity of the relationship between the university and the industry has become a pretext for science and technology fields. Mahdi Barikani, one of the founders of polymer and petrochemical research center of Iran and winner of Alameh Tabatabaei Prize, interviewed with “SarAmad”.

Maryam and Country

On the 38th issue of “SarAmad” monthly, provided a complete report about the current status of the Iranian elites society after the demise of Maryam Mirzakhani, the math genius of the world. After the death of this young Iranian scientist, Iranians and many people in the world were shocked, each expressing some notes about this scholar while feeling sad and devastated.

Elites and Attention

Yadollah Ardokhani, head of elites foundation of Tehran Province, also interviewed with “SarAmad”, announcing the importance of “significant attention to capabilities of Iranian elites outside of the country”.

Hope and Believe

The majority of those introduced as the top entrepreneurs of the society have started very small. Reza Khalaj initiated his business in an office of 40 meters.


City and Capability

One of the obvious benefits of entrepreneurial ecosystem and knowledge-based economy is excessive and annoying de-centralization. In various parts of the country, in addition to the activities of entrepreneurs and technologists, the entrepreneurial market is also provided and everyone can implemented their ideas in small regions with their technological determination. Maryam Rahimzadeh Yengeh Ghale, CEO of an active technological company in one of the cities of North Khorasan Province, had an interview with “SarAmad” on this subject.

On the last issue of “SarAmad”, various interviews, notes and reports have been provided in various fields related to elites, which can be accessed by the audience using the barcode app of smart phones. In addition, there are movies, pictures, voices, and texts in this app. Another way to access these materials is installing the application of “SarAmad”.


The 38th issue of the news, scientific, educational, analytic monthly journal of “SarAmad”, especial June issue, is published in 132 pages with the national elites foundation as the concessionaire, Sorena Sattari as the director-in-chief and Parviz Karami as the editorial-in-chief.

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