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Message of the Advisor to the Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs on the Occasion of Day of Journalists;

Journalists are producers of awareness and knowledge.

(Spiritual) life is naught but knowledge in (the time of) trial: the more knowledge one has, the more (spiritual) life one has.

Thinking creates, gives life, elevates, makes eternal, destroys, terrorizes, kills, takes life, separates, makes dark. Thinking is the seeking refuge of man from destructive folly. It is amazing that the orbit of the Earth continues to be based on health, and the human being has survived uneasiness. The secret to the survival of mankind in the middle of destructive phenomenon is, without a doubt, timely acknowledgement. Journalists have always had this burden on their shoulders, writing without stopping or claiming for anything.  

17th of Mordad (August 8th) is not just a commemoration date. Shahid Mahmoud Saremi is the representative of a thought that continuously shakes the basis of terror and inaccuracy. Those who kill die forever, and the main survivors are those who gave their lives for truth.

However, the science and technology journalists and media intentionally stay away from unwanted chaos. They create good news from achievements and make accurate criticism for defects. Without a doubt, the media activists of this area are faced with many difficulties and naive comments. Nevertheless, what leads us toward pride and progress is science, technology, knowledge and awareness.

Our scientists, academics, technologists and industrialists from one side, and our journalists and media representatives from other side, are the wings of the country. The higher these two groups go, the more they can stay away from difficulties. Those who work toward creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem and knowledge-based economy cannot continue to progress without the help of journalists.

Day of journalists is not the only day to commemorate journalists. Nevertheless, we appreciate the investigating gazes of these individuals more than ever, and commemorate all of their activities. We hope that better conditions are provided by these journalists.


Best of luck

Parviz Karami


Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and head of the public relations and information center

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