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Brain Awareness Week Has Come to “Salamat” Channel.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation,13 short video clips on brain awareness have been uploaded on website of “Salamat” channel for the public. These video clips are produced by headquarters for development of science and cognitive technologies every year on the occasion of brain awareness week in the form of interview with professors and experts of cognitive sciences and brain neuroscience.

In addition, identity and memory, effect of exercise on brain, memory and Alzheimers disease, brain and mental illness, flexibility in children, anxiety, depression and obsession, are some of topics introduced in these video clips. Another part of these clips is assigned to interviews with television and cinema actors, medalists and heroes of the country about brain and its challenges.

Brain awareness week has been recognized in the world for many years, and developed countries have performed programs related to this topic. Similarly, various programs in proportion with the age and needs of various walks of life in the society have been implemented with the support of headquarters for development of science and cognitive technologies.


The aim of naming a week as brain awareness week is implementation of educational programs related to brain and its functions and improvement of brain health in the community since the brain is the ruler of the body and its organs and guides all of the activities, behaviors, instincts, excitements, will and thought. Therefore, scientists and researchers have aimed to inform the public about its functions and abilities and pay special attention to health and hygiene by checking up their brain similar to their other organs. All over the world, this week by late March. Nevertheless, it was held by early March due to coinciding with the new year.

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