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Anatomy of the Human Brain by Students in the Summer School

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation,  Sina Tavakoli, secretary of the student committee of headquarter for development of science and cognitive technologies, mentioned the holding of cognitive sciences summer school, especial for students, stating: this school was initiated on Saturday and ended on Thursday (August 10th 2017) with the support of headquarter for development of science and cognitive technologies and cooperation of Iran University of Medical Sciences and Shahid Beheshti University.

Emphasizing on the attendance of 50 first- and second-grade high school students in this course, he expressed: the main focus of contents presented in this school is on research. In this regard, students were required to provide a proposal about one of the cognitive science topics by the end of the course.

According to Tavakoli, some of the main topics of this course included the anatomy of the human brain, histology of the nervous system, memory and learning, anatomy of the nervous system, solutions to improve attention, neuroscience research methods, electrophysiology, teamwork with a neuroscience perspective and cognitive games.

Tavakoli also asserted that this school was held with a high quality, conveying: in America, global competitions are held in the field of cognitive sciences with the title of “Brain Bee”. In order to prepare the students, we held a competition in two stages, in which three thousand individuals participated and only 30 of them were able to enter the second stage.

He stated that these accepted individuals attended an educational course in the form of a summer school, adding: from these 30 students, three individuals were selected after written and oral exams and interviews to participate in “Brain Bee” competition of America.


According to Tavakoli, the level of “Brain Bee” competition is significantly high. In this regard, he affirmed: the main goal of holding educational courses is preparing students to participate in global competitions. 

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