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Special September Issue;

The 39th issue of monthly journal of “SarAmad” is published.

The 39th issue of the monthly journal of “SarAmad” is published this September, emphasizing the importance of modification in research structures and capacities of investment companies in startup ecosystem.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation , ancient believes have stated that any type of change brings prosperity. However, this change must be informed and thoughtful. Today, the research condition of Iran is the concerns of all people, from high-level authorities to simple individuals. Is there a way? There is always a way. If not, it should be built.

Wooden Leg

Parviz Karami, editorial-in-chief of SarAmad Journal, created a new challenge for readers of the journal in his editorial note. In this message, he wrote about the importance of change in research structures: “the truth is that in our general culture, even in the mind and consciousness of executive managers, research is a fancy world and none of our actions are in line with improvement of research”. In another part of his note, Karami wrote: “in fact, we need essential modifications in the research and technology structures. This change is inevitable in long term. In addition, the scientific condition of the country has changed as well. With regard to significant increase in specialized human resource, research form and content must be changed as well”.

Dangerous Relationship

We have entered a new era of technology. Commercialization and selling of products is not slow like what was happening in the past. With the help of information and communication technology, business mechanisms have changed. Therefore, it has been a while since there has been great discussion over venture capitals. In its 39th issue “SarAmad”, evaluated the role and capacity of investment companies in startup ecosystem of the country. In this report, the relationship between venture capitals and startups are assessed and opinions of managers, who have a role in various venture capitals, are assessed.

Need for Market

What is the difference between Iranian products and some foreign materials? Maybe some of them have a good quality, but it is not the case for all of them. However, the power of foreign products is due to attention and confidence of the market in these products. The Iranian market does not trust the Iranian products that much. Masoumeh Khatamian, CEO of an Iranian knowledge-based company, mentioned the need for a market in her own work area.

In various sections of the 39th issue of “SarAmad” journal, various reports, interviews and notes are prepared, which can be accessed through the barcode reader mobile app. In addition, images, videos and voices related to the contents of the journal are provided in the app of the journal.


The 39th monthly educational, scientific, news and analytical journal of “SarAmad” was published in 132 pages. It is noteworthy that this journal is provided by responsibility of Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, management of Sorena Sattari and editorial of Parviz Karami.

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