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Sattari on Visit of the 11th International Exhibition of Digital Media:

Creative companies will be established.

According to the information center of National Elites Foundation, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, stated during the visit of the 11th international exhibition of digital media: suitable content production is necessary for progress and entering various areas. Therefore, we need to empower ourselves in this area so that culture building could be carried out. However, content production in cyberspace and startups has been rapidly performed in the country. As expected, startups growth weekly and successful startups grow 10% in a week. Otherwise, they are doomed to failure.

Establishment of a Business Environment Will Guarantee the Improvement of Digital Contents

In terms of improving digital contents, the vice president for science and technology affairs expressed: the most important issue is formation of a business environment. Companies that have been successful in obtaining the title of knowledge-based have received more than a hundred services from the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs. If a company does not have the conditions to be knowledge-based, soon the topic of creative companies will be presented in the Vice-Presidency, so that companies could be properly trained to be established. In fact, these companies benefit from the mechanism provided by the Vice-Presidency. However, their support level is below knowledge-based companies.

Support of Accelerators in the Digital Area

Sattari pointed out the support of accelerators in the digital area, marking: the more business accelerators develop, the more successful we will be. In the Vice-Presidency, the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter has the task of development of digital media on its agenda.

15th Rank in Science Production

In the next part of his speech, head of Iran national science foundation introduced the rank of Iran in science production regarding the number of articles to be 15, stating: Iran must prepare a business environment. Currently, lack of business environments is one of the basic problems of the country. While we had the rank of 121 in the world in terms of new businesses in the beginning of this government, we have reached the rank of 75 today.

Regarding the programs of the Vice-Presidency to develop science, the vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out: this plan promotes culture building the cyberspace, using of which can lead to the distinguish of proper from improper content. In addition, this plan prevents the penetration of foreigners and leads to the formation of appropriate activity foundations for domestic companies, the basic pillar of which is innovative and creative human resources. Sorena Sattari visited various booths of the 11th international exhibition of digital media, including Dorsa, Ide Pardaz, Doctor Startup, Fara Mofid and online porterage app. It is noteworthy that Sattari was accompanied by Mousavian, head of the center for information technology and digital media of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, Faghihi, and Sajadi Nayeri, secretary of soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter and secretary of development headquarter of information technology, communications and cyberspace.


The 11th international exhibition of digital media is held in Imam Khomeini Musala of Tehran during November 11th-17th, 2017 to learn about the latest modifications in the area of digital media by activists in the digital area and active companies.

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