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Opportunity to Present Ideas to Students for Reduction of Social Damages

According to the information center of national elites foundation the “festival of ideas and opportunities” is presented to use the potentials of social entrepreneurship in line with the reduction of social damages and various crimes, including driving accidents and crimes, addiction, divorce and theft. Social entrepreneurship means recognition of a social problem and use of entrepreneurial concepts and principles to create, organize and manage investment to make a change.

The difference between this event and other entrepreneurial events across nation is that up to this day, the aim of holding similar programs has been more economically concerned. However, in this program, it is aimed to establish businesses with both economic and social benefits.

The execution process of the event is as follows: first, a call is announced, in which idea owners are urged to send their ideas to the secretariat of the event. The ideas will be assessed and 25 top ideas will be selected to compete in a challenging marathon for two days in order to complete their idea. This event will be held in Sharif University of Technology.

After completing the projects with the help of instructors, the ideas will be reevaluated and three top ideas will be selected to be commercialized.

In addition, there is a special student idea section in the festival, where students can participate and receive prizes.

Festival of Ideas and Opportunities

“Festival of ideas and opportunities” will be held to promote social entrepreneurship in the society to reduce social damages by applying the potentials of the cyberspace, receiving help from general thinking of the society, creating synergy to reduce social damages and improving the general knowledge about the fact that prevention of crimes and different types of social damages is a public duty.

Topics of the Event

The topics of the third “festival of ideas and opportunities” are design of mobile software, computer software, computer games and websites in the area of prevention of crimes and social damages.


The third “festival of ideas and opportunities” will be held February 17th-18th, 2018 with the support of knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter. Enthusiasts of this field can send their ideas until January 21st 2018. 

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