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Special December Issue 2018;

The 23rd monthly journal of “Danesh-Bonyan” is published

In the newest issue of the monthly journal of “Danesh-Bonyan”, there is a serious look at venture capitals in Iran.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, several factors are involved in the realization of programs of entrepreneurial ecosystem and knowledge-based economy. Meanwhile, venture capitals play an important role in this regard. Therefore, the more we talk about this issue, the faster we can understand its importance. In its newest issue, the monthly educational, scientific, analytical and news journal of “Danesh-Bonyan” presents a special file on venture capitals along with other different content.

Sharif Ecosystem

“The new generation has modern concerns. They do not depend on the government for occupation or financial support. They require the government to create new policies and facilitate the establishment of a technology ecosystem.” These sentences come from the editorial of Paviz Karami, editor-in-chief of the journal, with the title of “Sharif Ecosystem” in the 23rd issue of “Danesh-Bonyan”. He continues: “the government must create the condition for knowledge-based companies and startups to have their freedom to work, create jobs and wealth and take effective steps in the path of development of the country. We just need to pave the way for the new generation to act as entrepreneurs by producing knowledge-based products and services and use knowledge and technology in the path of wealth production.”

Emergence of New Jobs

However, Mohammad Safdari, an Iranian student in University of California, Berkeley, had an interview with “Danesh-Bonyan”, which might be interesting to the audience of the journal.  

Brave Investments

In another part of the 23rd issue of “Danesh-Bonyan”, a file on the importance, challenges and future of venture capitals in Iran is presented, that could be applied by all entrepreneurs. Reza Zarnoukhi, chairman of the board of directors of Iran venture capital association, interviewed with “Danesh-Bonyan”, stating: “the government must cover a part of investment risk”.

Internet of Objects

Yes, internet of objects. It seems a rather new and less recognized topic. However, it is vastly progressing in the world. They also exist in Iran since some organizations, companies or individuals have thought about this issue and have taken some measures. Mehrad Moein, CEO of an Iranian startup that works in the area of smart home and internet of objects, expressed some interesting notes in an interview with “Danesh-Bonyan”.

However, other reports, notes, interviews and news can be accessed through barcode reader software of mobile phones. In addition, films, images, sounds and contexts are provided by this method as well.


The 23rd issue of “Danesh-Bonyan” journal is published in 132 pages, provided by responsibility of Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, management of Sorena Sattari and editorial of Parviz Karami.

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