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In Qom

Meeting of elites society with the speaker of the parliament

Meeting of elites society with the speaker of the Islamic parliament will be held in Fajr Week

According to the information center of national elites foundation, the national elites foundation Qom has aimed to hold the second meeting of provincial authorities and elite societies with Dr. Ali Larijani, speaker of the Islamic parliament, and representative of Qom with the aim of creation and empowering of opportunities for synergy between elite societies and various government levels and for cooperation of elites, talents and pioneers in problem solving of executive organizations and planning with an assessment approach toward the solutions for use of elites and top talents in Qom.

This meeting was held in the presence of elites, scholars and top talents to evaluate and present solutions for use of the capacity of elite societies, how to attract and use elites and evaluate more opportunities for interaction with the Islamic parliament of Iran with the national elites foundation.

It should be noted that this meeting will be held in Fajr week, and applicants can register for the event by contacting the national elites foundation of Qom.  


In addition, the selected individuals for academic awards 2016-2017 of the national elites foundation will be appreciated as well.

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