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Research and Elites Communities Planning Office

Job Description

  1. Formulating rules and regulations in the form of policies, instructions and other legal forms and offering them for adoption proceedings,
  2. Editing manuals and administrative regulations of the decisions of the superior authorities in the Foundation and offering them for adoption proceedings,
  3. Planning for identifying and guiding elite communities in different areas of the Foundation,
  4. Conducting research and studies in required fields of the Foundation for using in programming,
  5. Planning for implementation and appropriate effectiveness of elite communities in different areas of the Foundation,
  6. Interaction with communities and organizations associated with elite communities for the advancement of the Foundation’s missions,
  7. Cooperation in Foundation’s planning through participation in councils, committees and other similar cases,
  8. Study, investigation and reflection of the obstacles to the implementation of laws, rules and regulations and planning for their solution,
  9. Coordination and cooperation with other managing parts of the Foundation,
  10. Performing other duties of the deputy of Planning and Supervision.

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