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Implementing the decisions of the council of strategic document in the elites’ affairs,
Developing committee’s short, medium and long-term programs for the implementation of national measures of the document,
National division of labor and prioritizing document’s actions,
Developing administrative policies, criteria, indicators and guarantees for the performance of the document’s measures and delivering them to the executive agencies,
Development of the executive systems’ duties for document in collaboration with the systems,
Coordination and cooperation with the executive systems for synergy in the implementation of national actions of the document,
Evaluation of programs and projects presented by the executive systems to achieve national measures of the document,
Pursuing the implementation of national approvals and procedures of the document,
Supervising the implementation of the document and evaluating the performance of the systems for them,
Providing periodic reports on the activities of the committee to the council of the committee,
Promoting dialogue on strategic document of the country in elites’ affairs,
Cooperation in the drafting of proposed legislation and required legal actions in implementing the document,
Doing committee’s needed studies in coordination with other relevant areas,
planning the annual budget of the committee and proposing it to the relevant authorities,
Coordination with different departments of the foundation, to create the required interaction with government and parliament, in order to provide financial resources needed for the implementation of strategies and measures of the document,
Establishment and management of the coordination councils of the document to create harmonization between document’s objectives and activities of the committee and the foundation.

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