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The Fifth “Knowledge-based Monthly Journal” Is Published

In its 35th issue, the monthly journal of “Knowledge-based” covers the products of some knowledge-based companies and unpaved ways for success of startup ideas. This issue also focuses on policy-makers and companies in the current economic status of countries.

In its 35th issue, the monthly journal of “Knowledge-based” covers the products of some knowledge-based companies and unpaved ways for success of startup ideas. This issue also focuses on policy-makers and companies in the current economic status of countries.

According to the information center of national elites foundation,  great things are happening. Azadi innovation factory is also opened, which is a great task. We want to show that impossible works are done by determined Iranians. In addition, the ecosystem of technology and innovation has been formed in the country, the players of which are attempting to develop Iran.

This issue of the journal is started with a note by Parviz Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs, and editor-in-chief of the journal, entitled “before dawn”, where Karami directly addresses the Iranian people. This note promises a powerful Iran with the help of science and technology. In a part of the note, we read: it is always darkest before dawn. The most difficult part of weightlifting is bringing the weight a few centimeters above head. Difficulties are an introduction to comfort. This lesson has been taught by the Universe. Spring owes its beauty and life to the coldness and hardness of winter.”

In the note, we also read: “now, we are at the verge of science and technology spring. All players of the innovation and technology ecosystem feel the same way. The dawn of technology is emerging in the sky of economy of resistance. More than 4600 knowledge-based companies are active in the country, and there are thousands of creative and innovation corporations, startups, innovation centers, accelerators and venture capitals, and recently, innovation factories, that have taken action boldly and have used their science and technology.”

The President’s Visit of the Innovation Factory

On this issue of the journal, there is a report on the opening of an innovation factory in the presence of Hasan Rouhani, the president of Iran, and Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs. This phenomenon has acknowledged the presence of the youth in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and has reminded the use of abilities of the youth to all.

A brief overview of China travel achievements in November 2019 was presented in the journal, the details of which can be read in the 35th issue of Knowledge-based.

Re-flourishing of Shrimp Industry

Mahmoud Bahmani, the head of the Iranian Fishery Science Research Institute with a specialized PhD in Aquatic Endocrinology, explained about the details of this macro-project and its impact on the development of production and export in the aquaculture industry.

A Bridge between Industry and University

One of the phenomena in December of this year was holding the National Radar and Avionics Conference in Isfahan University of Technology. A conference aimed at providing an appropriate forum for bringing together professionals, scientists and industry leaders in the field to further integrate scientific, research and industrial activities.

In the 35th issue of Knowledge-based journal, Hamid Azarmand, an economic analyst, provided a report on economic changes in the country and transformation of traditional economy in the country. On this report, it is expressed that for more than a year, economic indicators such as stagnation, declining economic growth, and rising inflation have made businesses more complex.

In addition to policymakers, this complexity has overshadowed the effects of corporate and business owners. In the following, we have explored ways out and solutions to the problem.

We Have to Fasten our Seat Belts

Sadra Jafarpour talked about the presence of knowledge-based companies in the new economy of the country in a report published in this issue of the journal.

Clarity of Government Support

Behnam Maleki, an economist, also talked about ways to support knowledge-based economy in this issue of the journal.

Big Dreams

An interview with Hourieh Mazdarani, the CEO of Pergas Khodro Sharif Co. is another part of the journal. This company is active in the field of automobile spare pieces and has entered the field of producing hybrid cars.

Future of Bio Printers in Iran

Majid Haji Hossein Ali, the CEO of Omidafarinan Co., emphasized the all-out effort to bring about a knowledge-based economy.

You Have to be Selfish

Hale Hamedifar, CEO of CinnaGen Co., is one of the successful women in the knowledge-based field, who was interviewed in this issue. In addition, a file was opened on blockchain technology in this issue of Knowledge-based journal. To evaluate this issue, a brief overview of the technological complexities of this field is provided.

 How can nanoparticles change the way cancer is treated?

In an interview with one of the founders of Flightio Startup, which is active in the field of tourism market, we talked to the Vice President of the VC Startup Association active in online ticketing, evaluated the formation of audio books in this issue of the journal. In addition, other notes, reports, photos, films and sounds can be accessed via the barcode reader app in smartphones.


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