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The path of entrepreneurship must be facilitated for top talents and elites

The path of entrepreneurship must be facilitated for top talents and elites

According to the information center of national elites foundation, Ali Larijani, head of the Islamic parliament, stated on a meeting with top elites in the presence of the deputy of development of management of resources of the national elites foundation and a number of top elites of Qom: enhancement occurs by activities of top talents.

President of the Islamic parliament addressed the elites present in the meeting, expressing: some suggestions have been made, which must be based on the condition of the country. The legal affairs of the country are significantly extensive and more than 90% of the budget of the country is related to the current budget and only 10% is allocated to construction.

Larijani continued: the executive organizations of the country are also eager to use the elites, and I doubt that any person is unwilling to work with these individuals. However, we need a specific mechanism to use the top elites, by which the national elites foundation can play a more significant role by its activities.

President of the Islamic parliament pointed out that the innovation fund is a strong potential for support of entrepreneurship and the national development fund helps the innovation fund by the order of the supreme leader. In this regard, he added: the innovation fund has been formed with an asset of three thousand billion to help the entrepreneurship.

He also addressed the elites of the meeting, asserting: do not be sad since there are some complications even in the primary stages. You have to know that the perspective of authorities toward you is not that positive and there must be an accurate method to use your abilities. While some complications have been made, I assure you that attention to elites will increase in the future.

President of the Islamic parliament marked the willingness of the parliament to use elites, asserting: there is no other way to use the top elites in the future and an enhancement is required to use the intelligence of top elites.

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