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President of the Elites Foundation of Tehran:
The elite society has a high potential to for social movements

The elite society has a high potential to for social movements

Alireza Zarasvandi believes that there is a high potential for elites society, which if detected, can be turned into large scientific and social movements in the province.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, the bilateral meeting of the elites foundation of Tehran and board of trustees of Kharazmi University with emphasis on solutions to increase interactions in this regard in order to make synergy to achieve the elite goals of the elites of the country.

In this meeting, Alireza Zarasvandi, president of the elites foundation of Tehran, presented a report on the programs and achievements of the foundation and academic awards and facilities of the foundation, stating: more than 70% of elites in Tehran province are covered by the act and are working and studying accordingly.

He added: this high potential can be turned into a large scientific and social movement in the province.




Zarasvandi continued: the national elites foundation has dedicated great effort to the improvement of condition of elites and creation of social opportunities for top elites and talents.  

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